Twenty Mukhi Rudraksha Info

Twenty Mukhi Rudraksha Info

20 Mukhi Rudraksha/20 Mukhi Rudraksha Benefit

Twenty Mukhi/20 Mukhi Rudraksha is the rarest to find. It is the symbol of Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe. This Rudraksha has a very high healing energy. It makes a person free form all physical and spiritual sufferings. It removes sins of the wearer. This is very powerful and mystical bead of Hindu religion. It gives abundance in all spheres of life to the wearer. It gives mental peace and knowledge to the wearer. It gives freedom from dreaded disease. It nullifies snake bite if worn around hand or neck. This rudraksha evokes truth and blesses a person to always speak the truth. It makes the person stress free and removes depression. It removes laziness, dullness and lethargic tendencies in a person. It is very useful for the students, as it makes them obedient and studious. It gives sudden wealth, success and increases memory power of the wearer.

By enchanting Rudraksha beads, a person can feel immense pleasure and benefit. It makes a person truthful and honest in all his actions. Mainly, the worshipper of Lord Shiva must wear this bead to get his blessing. Rudraksha fulfills all the wishes of the wearer. As long as a man keeps wearing Rudraksha, he doesn’t fear untimely death. At the time of death, a man experiences true salvation. It helps to increase self-confidence and control stress level. Rudraksha is a Sanskrit compound word consisting of the name Rudra (Shiva) and Aksha (Eyes). Rudra and Aksha mean the one who is capable of looking and at doing everything (from the third eye). Aksha also means axis, since the eye can rotate on one axis. This comes from large evergreen broad-leaved tree, whose beads are used for prayer in Hinduism. This seed is born, by several species of Eleaocarpus, with E.ganitrus being the principle species.

Twenty Mukhi Rudraksha is very beneficial for getting material benefit in life. It helps the wearer to make a connection with the divine power and attain MOKSHA (Liberation). It makes a person full of worldly pleasure and fulfills all wishes of life. This Rudraksha helps to attain patience, tolerance and stamina. It gives financial stability to the wearer and helps in promotion and career growth. It releases tension, grief and emotional depression.

Visually, twenty linings appear from head to bottom at an equal distance of this Rudraksha. It helps to take controlled and logical decisions. This rudraksha improves eyesight and cures diseases of eye. It removes anxiety and depression.

Commonly available Twenty Mukhi Rudraksha is not from Nepal, but from Sri Lanka and South India. This belongs to the same family, but the genus is Bhadraksha. Bhadrakshas are the cousin of Rudraksha, but not very powerful. Twenty Mukhi from Nepal is very rare to find and has an immense power. It is very useful for leaders and politician. A bracelet or malas of Twenty Mukhi of 54+1 or 108+1 bead is very rare and full of power.

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It gives power to the wearer to achieve anything in life.

It removes eye diseases and improves vision.

This rudraksha helps to prevent from all kinds of evil forces and energies.

It gives protection from snake bite and poison.

It is beneficial for spiritual progress in life.

Power of Twenty/20 Mukhi Rudraksha
This is the supreme Rudraksha that denotes Lord Brahma. It is ruled by the entire nine planets. It gives the wearer, the energies of all the nine planets. It bestows a person with name, fame and highest growth in the career. It makes a man patient and removes vice of lust and attachment. It helps to attain self confidence and low self-esteem. This rudraksha also gives spiritual attainment.

Astrological View

Ruling Lord-Lord Brahma

Ruling Planet-All the nine planets

Twenty/20 Mukhi Rudraksha Test

There are various tests for Rudraksha, which is used to test its originality.

Thermometer Test– This test is the easiest test that can be done by anyone, to check its originality.

Place Rudraksha in a glass with small amount of water. Record the temperature after 30 minutes. You will observe 1 or 2 degree centigrade rise in temperature. This shows that the bead is original.

Energization of Twenty/20 Mukhi Rudraksha Bead
We at looks for the need of our clients and we energize each Rudraksha before dispatching to our clients Pran Pratishtha is done by our special Pundits.

Pooja of Rudraksha
An auspicious day and Nakshatra is chosen and client’s name, date of birth and place of birth is taken into consideration.

Mind is cleared from worldly affairs and negative thoughts for achievement of positive and spiritual frame of mind.

East, North or North east direction is chosen for the matt. Matt is placed in which Pooja is performed.

Rudraksha is washed with unboiled milk and sandal wood paste is applied.

It is kept in front of Lord Shiva idol in special ASANA.

An incense stick is lit in front of Rudraksha and flowers/fruits and sweets along with Panchamrut is offered *PANCHAMRUT is a special Prasad made of Holy water/ milk/ghee /honey and curd.*

Energizing is done by our special pundits by enchanting Name of Client/Place of Birth and Date of birth. Request is made to Lord Shiva to grant happiness for our client and to fulfill all his wishes.

The eyes are closed and Rudraksha and Beej mantra for Rudraksha is enchanted for 108 times by our special pundits.

This procedure completes the “Pran Pratishtha” of the holy Rudraksha beads.

After the above process Rudraksha is completely energized and can be worn directly by our client

How to wear Twenty Mukhi Rudraksha

Twenty Mukhi Rudraksha should be worn around the neck or alternately kept in the place of worship.


“Om hreem shreem vasudhaye namah” ( it should be enchanted 9 times)

“Om namah shivaya”

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