Types of Quartz

Types of Quartz

Types of Quartz
Quartz has the crystal-like appearance and is widely used for the manufacture of artifacts, jewelry, and things of accessories. Although it is found in various forms, we can know about some of the special forms of Quartz.

A) Self-Healed: It is self-healed crystal and has many small terminations where it has been broken above its base and has then healed the break by laying down fresh crystals. It is a wound-healer and has an expressive knowledge of self-healing.

B) Ancestral Time Line – It has a very clear fledge edge that goes up from the base of the crystal toward the apex. It frequently has a fault line showing exactly where the family pain is located and how far back into the ancestral line it goes.

C) Gateway – A gateway or aperture, the crystal has a cup-shaped depression within it that is large enough to hold liquid. Gazing into the liquid center provides a gateway to other worlds and enables one to travel through past, present, and future.

D) Key – A key crystal has an indentation or aperture in one of its sides, which narrows as it penetrates crystals. It provides a doorway to unlock parts of the self that are normally kept hidden information of any kind.

E) Spiral QuartzSpiral quartz has a distinct twist down its axis and is beneficial for maintaining balance at any level. It draws universal energy into the body and anchors it during meditation.

F) Sheet Quartz – Sheet quartz is laid down as a clear, flat layer, often between two crystals. It provides a window into other dimensions, facilitating communication, and it accesses the Akashic Record. It can be used to contact relevant past lives and to go deep int the self.

G) Barnacle – A barnacle crystal has many small crystals or partially covering a larger crystal. The large crystal is said to be the “old soul” whose wisdom attracts the younger crystals.

H) Transmitter – A transmitter crystal has two seven-sided facets with two perfect triangles between them. They can be used to send long-distance healing or for energy or thought transmissions. Linking to the purest possible vibrations, they open the intuition and attract wisdom and communication from higher realms.



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