Types of Sapphires

Types of Sapphires

Sapphire is known as the wisdom stone, it is known for its well-known effects and benefits to the wearer. Out of various sapphires, the blue sapphire is one of the most accepted stone for propelling good effects of Saturn ( Lord Shani ). Sapphire can be of various types and they are categorized based on their colour and planets they are associated with Let us look at various types of Sapphires and their benefits for the mankind:

1) Black Sapphire – Is a protective and centring stone and imparts confidence in one’s own intuition. This stone is famous for heightening employment prospects and helps in retaining job too.

2) Blue Sapphire – It is a seeker after spiritual truth and traditionally associated with love and purity. It is extremely effective for earth chakra and healing. This is a tranquil stone and helps one to stay on the spiritual path and is used in shamanic ceremonies for transmutation of negative energies.

3) Green Sapphire – This is useful in improving vision, both inner and outer, and also helps in the improvement of dream recall. It stimulates the heart chakra and brings loyalty, fidelity, and integrity. This is an excellent stone that enhances compassion and an understanding of the frailties and unique qualities.

4) Pink Sapphire – It acts as the magnet and draws into life all that you need in order to evolve. It is the fastest acting stone that teaches you how to master emotions, clearing emotional blockages and integrating the transmuted energies.

5) Purple Sapphire – It awakens and us helpful for meditation and stimulates the kundalini rise and the crown chakra and opens spirituality. This stone activates the pineal gland of the body and link to psychic abilities, and emotionally unstable.

6) Royal Sapphire – It is useful for eliminating negative energies from chakras, and stimulates the third eye to access information for growth. This stone teaches responsibility for your own thoughts and feelings.

7) White Sapphire – It has an extremely pure energy. It helps to open the crown chakra, and it takes spiritual awareness to a very high space, opening cosmic consciousness. This is an extremely protective stone that removes obstacles to the spiritual path.

8) Yellow Sapphire – It attracts wealth to the home and can be placed in cash boxes to increase prosperity and earnings. If worn, it should touch the body. Yellow Sapphire stimulates the intellect and improves overall focus so that the bigger picture is seen.



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