Ulexite - Natural Optical Stone

Ulexite – Natural Optical Stone

Ulexite is a very rare collector’s gemstone, called due to natural fiber optic ability present in the stone. It is considered to be a lesser-known gem and has become increasingly popular, due to its very unusual visual characteristics. Ulexite stone is sometimes also called as ‘TV Stone’ because these transmit images through internal reflection. It is a natural fiber optic, and when properly cut and joined, high quality, gem-grade is obtained.

Ulexite was named after German Chemist, George Ludwig Ulex, who was credited with analyzing teis unique mineral. It is most often found deposited as rounded crystalline mass or as parallel fibers with little gemstone value. Gem-quality material of Ulexite is very rare; it is usually transparent to translucent and clear, silky and found in squarish crystal. It is easily obtained now in and mainly sourced from United States.

Let us know about the benefits of Ulexite stone:

1) It is best known for its ability to magnify anything placed over it.

2) Ulexite is an extremely clear stone and brings things into foucs on the inner and spiritual level, lending, much-needed objectivity.

3) It helps one to understand the meaning of dreams.

4) At pragmatic level, it takes you to the core of a problem, pointing the way to resolution and activating solutions.

5) Soft energy of stone is beneficial for meditation and relaxation and if placed on the third eye, it enhances visualization and dispels negative mental energy.

6) It enhances imagination and stimulates creativity, especially in business.

7) Clarity in eyes can be brought by wearing Ulexite pendants and finger rings.

8) It is helpful for bringing concentration at its peak and is remarkable for practicing calmness in the mind and body.

9) Ulexite stone is supportive in convalescence and recovery from a major illness.

10) It helps in the treatment of reproductive diseases and maintains healthy pregnancy.

11) Breathing problem can be solved by wearing this unique gemstone.

12) This stone facilitates the practice of circular breathing and treats chronic exhaustion.

13) If placed as appropriate, especially on the eyes and third eye, it makes an excellent meditation stone.

14) If gazed continuously, it helps to bring excellent concentration power.

15) Things fall into appropriate place on wearing Ulexite or TV stone.

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