ultimate secret to mozambique ruby gemstone

The Ultimate Secret To Mozambique Ruby Gemstone

The Ultimate Secret To Mozambique Ruby Gemstone
Ruby is the single gemstone who showed an impeccable increase in price depending on quality and origin ever. As per other gemstones, Ruby gemstone market price also depends on the cut, color and the clarity of the stone. There is always a lack of fine quality Burmese Ruby in the market and an added increase in the price of rubies has to lead to the rise in the rubies from Mozambique, Madagascar, and Tanzania. These localities are producing quality rubies that equate to the quality of Burma Rubies.

The price of Indian Rubies is not similar to the rubies from these mines because Indian Ruby pieces are opaque and at the lower end of the gem pyramid. These rubies have a violet /purple tinge with strong banding and inclusions and are not used for planetary gem therapy purposes.

We can find a ruby sold in India by the name of New Burma Ruby. It is nothing but a commercial quality glass filled ruby stone. This is not used for the gem therapy process. It is also available at a B2B price of $2 or INR 120 per carat.

The price of Old Burma Ruby, if light pink, and little red with good clarity above starts at a price of USD ($1000) per carat onwards.

Ruby Stone Treatments relevant information for Indian Market
The most common treatment of Ruby is heat treatment followed by glass filling. The gemstones that are treated have no value for Astrological purposes and give no results. For good effect of gemstones according to the planets, one should be aware of the natural Mozambique ruby gemstone sold in varieties in the Indian market.

While picking gemstones for a planetary purpose, astrokapoor makes sure that these gems are of top quality and displays enviable clarity and great luster. We don’t do any compromises made on quality and even great looking natural gems are rejected if any foul is found.

We have natural Mozambique Ruby gemstones which are sold in a wholesale. Our rubies are directly mined from Mozambique and we provide the certificate from reputed gem lab.

Buy Natural Certified Mozambique Ruby Gemstone in Wholesale Prices



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