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Understanding mind through Vedic astrology

Understanding Mind Through Vedic Astrology

Understanding mind through Vedic astrology

Mind is said to be one of the most powerful things that if controlled, can give you immense vigour and go-getting attitude. It is the mind or “mastishk” that you should conquer to have a strong personality. An individual with a controlled mind and power can display personality traits that reflect courage and discipline in life. While many people may confuse mind with brain, these two aren’t the same things, but are also not complete unrelated. Brain is the controller of your emotions and feelings. On the other hand, as per the Vedic astrology, mind is put into four main divisions.

Divisions of Mind as per Vedic astrology

  • 9th House or the Super- Conscious Mind (lower mind is a sub-set here, which is the negative part of the Super- Conscious Mind)
  • 6th house or the Unconscious mind
  • 8th House or the Subconscious mind
  • 1st House or the conscious mind & 3rd House or the Alert mind

In case of people with criminal attitudes or personality, the lower mind is properly developed, while the super intelligence isn’t developed at all.

The 1st house or the 3rd house where we are complete conscious is functional when an individual is awake. The 8th house or the subconscious mind is working even while we are sleeping. When you wake up, the functioning of your subconscious mind is rectified or thought-upon by the conscious mind. Conscious mind is capable of taking actions or recall and can actively think over something.

However, the information that your subconscious mind can store is a myriad times more than the one stored in conscious mind. An individual’s subconscious mind stores hidden desires, phobias, fears, nightmares, night dreams, dreams and intensified fears as well. It is also capable of storing impressions, emotions and signals. Despite being a non-active part, the subconscious mind can still play a large role in determining a person’s behaviour or thinking.

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By understanding mind through the Vedic astrology, one can even rectify the thought process and bring about positive life changes. Hence, the role of astrology here, cannot be ignored.



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