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upratnas and semiprecious stone

Upratnas or Semi Precious Gemstone

What are Semi-Precious ( Upratna ) Gemstone

People ask frequent question about semi precious gemstone, Do they really work? Can they be effective as precious gemstone? Before we dwell into the answers of the above questions we should be clear about what exactly upratna or semi precious gemstone is.

Definition of an Upratna

An Upratna or semi-precious gems tone is a superior substitute to Navratna or Nine precious gemstone. The important thing here been the gem Quality and a Jyotish Quality. Indian sacred texts list the use of more than 80 semi precious Gemstones but here we would like to share information based on experience and statistical results of many years.

What are the Navratnas?

The Nine gemstones that relates to nine planets and are described in the Shastras or sacred texts are called as Navratnas. There are listed below:
The Navratnas-Nine Primary Gemstones
No Planet Gem Name( Hindi)
1. Sun Manikya
2. Moon Moti
3. Mars Moonga
4. Mercury Panna
5. Jupiter Pukhraj
6. Venus Vajramani/ Heera
7. Saturn Neelam
8. Rahu Gomed
9. Ketu Lehsunia/ vaidurya

In the Indian sacred texts semi-precious gemstones have been mentioned and each of them is sued for achieving an objective or a desire for resolution for removing the medical condition of the body.
Here we can mention those that are the best Upratna for the nine planets.

Best Upratna s/ Best Substitute Gemstones for Planetary Energies

Sun – Red garnet – Spinel
Rahu – Lapis Lazuli – None
Jupiter – Yellow Topaz – Heliodor
Mercury – Peridot – None
Moon – Blue Moonstone – White Moonstone
Mars – Carnelian – Red Agate
Ketu – Cat’s Eye Quartz – None
In the above list, first gemstone is indicating the first upratna and the second gemstone is indicating second upratna.

Yellow Topaz is a precious and very rare and in many cases it gives the results same as Yellow Sapphire. It should never be confused that it is abundantly available and should not be mixed with citrine.

Are Upratnas as effective as the Nine Primary Gemstones?

There is no perfect yardstick to measure the results and effectiveness of Upratna. The Jyotish quality gemstone can be compared to be as car and jyotish quality Upratna as bicycle. The important part is they get the work done when they travel from point A to point B.Upratna or Semi-precious gemstone are effective in gems therapy and osme of then as Peridot and yellow Topaz have many extra benefits in addition to the planetary benefits.

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