Uranus - Higher octave of Mercury

Uranus – Higher Octave of Mercury

Uranus – Higher Octave of Mercury
It is the most distant planet, with the exception of Neptune. Uranus passes through one sign of the zodiac in about seven years and completes its cycle around the Sun in eighty-four years and twenty-seven days. A planet that has been discovered just recently less than centuries back, there is no concrete record from the Ancients as to its nature. Uranus has its greatest influence in the sign Aquarius and stands for the inferior, subconscious, magical will of persons born strongly under its influence.
The native ruled by this planet may be in complete harmony with his surroundings at one time and feel himself as lucky, but at the other time he or she will entirely out of the world and will consider himself as completely unfortunate. However, there is no doubt that Uranus, more than any other planet is the most extraordinary of all. People who are ruled by this planet are often found going in an opposite direction from the masses both in thought and in action. They do not usually fall in with the crowd. By the time any fashion, custom or idea has become popular, they have outgrown it or lost interest in it. Emerald is the lucky gemstone for Mercury.

This planet, one can easily assume is not simple and constant in its movement as are the other planets because there is a peculiar uncertainty about the actions of this planet, which may be tricky and unaccountable.Uranus may be called as a planet of destiny because the person born under this planet is strongly under its influence, and fate plays a very large role in their existence. It gives its native an individuality, which is gifted, by the divine and the vibrations of Uranus transcends the ordinary dimensions of length, breadth and the thickness.

The mood of this planet changes rapidly and are different at sometimes. Therefore, those born under its influence may find it difficult either to be under stood or to understand themselves. It is also advisable that they should make most of each opportunity and live ahead. The innate character of the native is progressive, inventive, exploring of humanitarian nature. The influence of the planet is impersonal, and the most universal in the zodiac. The nature of the planet does not seem to favor occupations for which one gets a regular income or to help accumulate great wealth. So the native of this planet is well advised to make wise decision in their profession and the career. Uranus stands for the higher octave of Mercury and in order to count its most favorable vibrations, it is important that the native remains through life with impersonal, unprejudiced and without ulterior motive.



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