Vastu and astrology

Vastu and Astrologyy || FAQ

Vastu and Astrology
Vastu and Astrology both are interrelated and follow a common parallel track. Vaastu is based on the direction of Sun while Astrology is based on the direction of the planets. A particular direction may be suitable for persons, having a specific zodiac sign. One would do well to see the compatibility of the sun sign with a direction of the house. Vastu and Astrology are strongly connected with each other. It is a preventive as well as curative therapy. It is always beneficial to consult “Vastu expert” who knows astrology.

What is the link between Vastu and Astrology?

Vastu Shastra is governed by the directions. Astrology is governed by the positions of the various planets. Each planet is positioned in a particular direction.

What is the significance of Bhoomi Pujana?

Bhoomi means earth. It is one of the five basic elements of which we all are composed. It is a ceremony to worship Mother Earth.

What is the influence of Saturn in a west facing house?

In this direction, the head of the family will be thoughtful and patient.

What is the impact of sun on east facing house?

The owner of this house will be pious and ambitious.

What will be the impact of Mars on south-facing house?

The master of the family will be bold and hot-headed

If an entrance of the house is north-east, how Jupiter will affect the people of the house?

The people of the house will be thoughtful, kind, liberal and generous.

How does the Venus affect the person of a house having entrance to the south-east?

In this house, people will be interested in entertainment, films, paintings, and colorful dresses.

What is the impact of Rahu on the people of a house having entrance to the south-west?

The head of the family will be hot headed and cunning.

What is the auspicious entrance for Libra zodiac sign?
A west entrance is favorable for Libra.

Which is the favorable entrance for Capricorn?

The north facing entrance is favorable for Capricorn

Which entrance is suitable for any sun sign?

Cancer, is good for south facing entrance

Which is the favorable entrance for people born under Aquarius or Pisces?

The north-east direction is favorable

Which is the lucky entrance for people born under Taurus and Gemini?

The south-east direction is best for these zodiac sign.

Which direction is suitable for Leo or Virgo?

The south-west direction is auspicious for Leo and Virgo.

Which is favorable direction for Scorpio or Sagittarius?

The north-west direction is favorable for these zodiac sign.

What is a Panchaang?
Panchaang is an astrological calendar which gives the characteristics dates, the position of planets, their good and bad effects and the dates auspicious for various events



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