Vastu Plants for Money

Vastu Plants For Money

Vastu plants for money! This is really an interesting topic to discuss. As per vastu shastra every home must be constructed and decorated as per the directives of the rules issued by the vastu. While the perfect use of vastu gives good health, happiness and prosperity of the inmates and any violation can lead to negative effect as well as bad luck to the person. Vastu also gives some remedies for money which include money plant such as bamboo, money plant, peace lily, syngoniums, anthuriums and jades.

About lucky bamboo as per Vastu

Accroding to Feng shui, lucky bamboo is very popular across the world. You can easily get it in the shop both online and offline. This is generally a short plant which can grow both in the soil and water. It has originated in Africa, the two scientific names of lucky bamboo plants are Dracaena Braunii and Dracaena Sanderiana. These plants grow at a maximum height of 3 feet in indoor atmosphere and they are easily maintained.

Lucky bamboo for money instructions

  • Lucky bamboo can bring good prosperity and luck inside the home as it represents all five elements including earth, water, fire, air and space.
  • The best position for money is to place the lucky bamboo in the southeast corner of your home.
  • It is known that it brings good and real fortune to the home.
  • While placing bamboo, ensure that you do not clutter the place with negative things or broken things.

About money plant as per Vastu

Most popular belief of money plant is found in Malaysia and Indonesia. This can grow well in indoors and can be easily maintained either in soil or in water in small containers.

  • This is known for air purifying properties and it also helps in energizing the atmosphere.
  • It helps to avoid any financial crunches and helps to maintain a steady and smooth flow of money.
  • As per Vastu, these plants must be placed only indoors and as they are not able to grow in garden.
  • The best position for money plant is the southeast corner of the living room. Because the owner of the southeast corner is Lord Ganesha and the ruler of this area is Venus.
  • Never place money plant in Northeast part of your home because the ruler of this area is Jupiter and this may give bad effect because it is the enemy of Venus.



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