Vastu tips to attract love of your life

Vastu Tips To Attract Love of Your Life

Vastu Tips To Attract Love of Your Life
True love is difficult to find. Finding true love is not so easy now and it has never been an easy task for anyone. People who are the single urge for a true love of their life. They search someone who are at their par level and whose love is unconditional. There is always a hope for finding true love of life but fears still anticipate if the partner will be trustworthy or not.

But Vastu can do miracle when it comes in finding true love of your life. It can kindle romance in your life and also helps to develop emotional feelings.

When we think about the person we love, our heart starts beating faster. We day-dream to spend pleasant life and a happy life with someone special. But worries never leave our life and we are desperate to find true love of our life.

It’s time to consult our Vastu expert Astrologer Prashant Kapoor

Our surroundings, home, and space help us to get our desired life partner. When we connect with the space around us, we enhance the power of attraction for anything that we wish. By balancing the zones of our house we can bring back true love in our life.

So, why waste time. Let the positive energy flow in your house and help you connect with your Mr. or Ms. Perfect.

After extensive research, it has been found that there are several logical and effective remedies which can help to bring positivity in the life by removing the negativity from your love life. You have to just follow scientific methodology to attract true love in your life.

The first step in connecting with your love is to balance the zone, when you balance the zones, you balance your life and the kind of objects placed in a zone and the activities that you do in that zone directly affect your corresponding emotion.

South-West: It is known as zone of relationships. If this is disturbed, relationships get disturbed.

South-South-West: If unbalanced, this creates a lot of problems in your life.

East-North-East: This zone is known zone of rejuvenation. If unused or stored material is kept in this zone, it can create staleness in your relationship.

East- South-East: This is an anxiety zone. This zone should be kept in place for effective decision making.

North-North-West: North-North-West zone is the zone of attraction. This is a good place for the people who wants to get married.
Following are some more tips that will help you in your search of true love.

1. Keep love birds in South-West zone for true love.

2. Remove blue color from South-South-West zone for increasing the love vibes.

3. Never try to prefer a room in East-South-East zone. If possible, keep grinder mixer in this zone.

4. Keep love letters in the North-North-West zone.

5. Remove any red color object or clothes from South-West zone for making it healthier.

6. Keep East-North-East zone clean for freshness in relationship.

7. Keep your house free from unused things.

8. South is the best zone for bedroom.

9. No toilet should be preferred in the South-West direction of your home.

10. Keep photo of your beloved in the North-North-West zone of your house.

True love is not easy to find. It is not an illusion and is perceived by many. You have to be positive about your dreams and good things will come to you automatically, and you will be astonished to see how easily you can attract the person of your dreams in your life.



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