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Role of Vedic Astrologer

Vedic astrologer possesses a very important place in the world of astrology. He is like a chariot that helps the deceased and the injured soul to get out of the problems. As we are aware, Vedic astrology is one of the oldest divine sciences practiced in India. This science without a proper direction would be a sheer wastage. Vedic astrologer helps to analyse the horoscope and come out of the proper solutions to the problems.

Vedic astrologer studies the pros and cons of a horoscope and come out of the proper solution to the problem. Suppose, a person is born in the Aquarius lagna, then it is necessary to see the placement of his ascendant lord in the horoscope. It may be debilitated, malefic or afflicted or may be in the good position in the horoscope. It is not possible for a common man to understand these astrological combinations and provide solutions for the same. The role of Vedic astrologer is very important for proper remedial action.

Vedic astrology helps to get the exact picture of the horoscope and the role of planets in shaping the personality and the life cycle of the person. Vedic astrology helps to peep in the past, present and future of a person by just analyzing the horoscope of a person. In order to find the positions and the groups accordingly, vedic astrologers use a fixed background or plane of reference called the Zodiac. The zodiacal circle in the same plane as elliptical but along with the zodiacal circle, the consideration of Nakshatra is very important to analyse the star of the person. Each Nakshatra is ruled by a particular planet, so Nakshatra studying is also a very important practice followed by the vedic astrologer.

There is a difference between the western and the vedic astrology. The western system uses the Tropical zone and the vedic system uses the sidereal zodiac for analyzing the birth chart of a person or the horoscope. Along with the sun sign, the moon sign is also studied for analyzing the chart of a person. The prominent work of the vedic astrologer is to analyse the position of the Moon from the horoscope at the time of birth because the moon sign is very important in determining our inner sense or capacities. The Moon is our inner strength and the Sun is our outer appearance. Both Moon and the Sun should be in a good position in a horoscope because any small affliction of any of these two can bring lots of hurdles and challenges in one’s life. Get your ‘Vedic Astrology Consultation’ from our Vedic Astrologer’

Apart from the position of the Sun and the Moon, the position of Jupiter and Saturn is also helpful to analyse the life cycle of a person. Because, the Jupiter is planet of growth and expansion, it helps to achieve the heights and success in life. The Jupiter helps one to get the perfect life partner and assists the single and bachelor to find right life partner. The placement of Jupiter is very important if we analyse the girls’ horoscope because it represents the future life partner for her.

There are lots of permutations and combinations about which we can talk and discuss, but the actual role of planets could be only judged by an experienced vedic astrologer.

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