Vedic Astrological Gemstones

Vedic Astrological Gemstones

Vedic Astrological Gemstones: Know what you should wear for a happy and prosperous life

Vedic astrology is a branch of science that can recommend you positive solutions for the turmoil you are facing in life. It is a vast field that is based on scientific principles, calculations and analysis. When we talk about Vedic astrological gemstones, it must be known that they are strictly based out of a person’s horoscope. In the field of Vedic astrology, the testified pundits believe that wearing the prescribed astrological gemstones can help you overcome your stress and tensions in life. The certified astrologers can suggest you gemstones for following reasons-
 Lack of professional success
 Unhappy relationships
 Lack of concentration in study
 Problems in family planning and others
It is believed that by wearing your prescribed gemstone, you can turn your life around since it has a subtle effect on your body and mind. Before proceeding further, one must learn why wearing these gemstones can create a positive aura in life.
Benefits of Vedic astrological gemstones
These gemstones have a capacity to create an energy field that emanates from living things. It is this energy field where every person’s belief systems, thought patterns and emotional aspects reside. With the gemstone’s energy pattern, there can be an affect over person’s mental and emotional energies. This, in turn, can create ever-lasting changes in life, of course, the positive ones!
Before you buy a gemstone, learn that-
 Using the Vedic astrological gemstones properly is absolutely necessary. Its wrong usage can create negative effects in life.
 Gemstones are selected to either remove some deficiency or enhance efficiency.
 The Vedic astrological gemstones should be chosen according to your horoscope only.
 The ring should be worn on the suggested finger only.
Gemstones are of two types. This table explains to you about them

 Ruby
 Red Coral
 Diamond
 Cat’s Eye
 Pearl
 Topaz
 Blue Sapphire
 Gomed

How do the Vedic Astrological Gemstones work?


The Vedic gemstones are worn on the hand in the form of a ring. The gem which is mounted on the ring vibrates its power on a continuous basis on the ring. This, in turn, is absorbed on one’s aura. This protective aura then becomes strong enough to combat or resist vibrations from outside or external terminals.

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