Venus Major Period and Its Astrological Effects on Horoscope

Venus Major Period and Its Astrological Effects on Horoscope

Venus is the planet of love and luxury. A well-placed and benefic Venus in a horoscope gives all luxuries of life. A benefic Venus is well enough to bring romance and love in life. If you’re passing by a major or the sub-period of Venus, then this read could be an interesting one for you. But for the actual result of Venus result, it is good to go for a proper astrological consultation.

Venus in Venus – Increased fortune, very prosperous period for earnings, Social pleasure and personal comforts are also analysed during this period.  Comfort from superiors, Marriage for the unmarried. If Venus is not strong, the sub-period of Venus is very ruinous.

Sun in Venus – Disputes in the domestic circle.

Moon in Venus – There could be unusual domestic happiness. Much contentment is foreseen. There could be a birth of a female child. This is a very enjoyable period for those who have good placement of Moon in the birth chart. Building houses or laying out gardens, gain through trade and agriculture.

Mars in Venus – A good period for earnings and enterprises, increased sexual propensities, neglect of duties, acquisitions of landed property depending on the strength of Mars.

Rahu in Venus – There could be many new innovations in life. There could be domestic unhappiness and quarrels, the person often becomes an ascetic or lives in a secluded manner for the practice of religious or psychic power. Loss of parent is also seen when Rahu comes as a sub-period during Venus major period.

Jupiter in Venus – There could be much gain in employment or business. Many favours from superiors , public and female society. Social advancement is also foreseen.

Saturn in Venus – There could be poor appetite, sickness arising out of the morbid state of circulation, rheumatic pains and sickness of wife or children.

Mercury in Venus – Tumors in the abdomen, literary advancement. There could be success in examination, domestic happiness, increases of wealth and quarrels.

Know role of Venus in your horoscope during its major period.



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