Venus and Mars Conjunction in a Horoscope

Venus and Mars Conjunction in a Horoscope

Venus and Mars Conjunction In Horoscope
Venus and Mars conjunction in a horoscope can bring hopes, fulfills the wishes and helps one to be determined for the certain aims and ambitions in life. The fiery nature of Mars is softened by the passionate and emotional, peaceful Venus and the native will be upright and disciplined in his or her manner, courteous, and loving by nature, but when others afflict them, all the good aspect is destroyed, makes one passionate for the gain of satisfaction and prudence in all spheres of life.
If the conjunction is benefic, then there is an amorous nature of the man conquering his will and the native will be very fond of sports and pleasures and amasses wealth by virtue of his boldness and business abilities.

The person enjoys the good deal and spends his money freely but never in want. He gains popularity either in the business circles or in female society in which he may form fortunate attachments. He may be fortunate in getting himself married early or in obtaining a legacy.
If the conjunction is adverse, the native becomes a lavish spender and is unmindful of losing his estate. The passionate nature will be uppermost and he or she will do undesirable things to satisfy his lust. He may mingle himelsf up with the low class females and may squander his fortune. While the bad aspect of Saturn or Jupiter to a planet seem to bring events which are absolutely beyond his control and not as the sequel of his own action because this bad aspect of Mars to Venus seems to bring about such events that are the outcome of his or her own bad deeds and karma and the Karma of such case cannot be avoided.

When good by the placement – The native passes through a happy and a pleasurable time and if he is unmarried, he may marry or form lasting attachments.

When bad placement in a horoscope – He may get into some trouble in life, which may spoils his reputations and brings slander and disgrace and domestic unhappiness. The native has to be discreet and highly economical to keep up his character, while this bad aspect lasts.

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