Venus Transit 20th April 2018

Venus Transit 20th April 2018

Venus Transit – 20 April 2018
Venus is the planet of love and beauty. It is transiting on the 20th April 2018 from Aries to Taurus and will stay in Taurus until the 14th of May 2018. Venus stays in a sign from 23 days to 2 months.

Venus is the sister planet of Earth and 2nd from the Sun. Venus is just little smaller than Earth. It is the neighboring planet and is often referred to as twin planet. It is extremely hot and range temperature of 450°C and also consists of Volcanoes. In Hindi it is called as Shukr and Friday is its day so called as Shukravar. In French it is known as Vendredi; in Spanish – Viernes and in Italian – Venerdi. The stone associated with Venus is diamond. Venus looks as yellowish-brown-white in color and has feminine energy. Venus rules Libra and Taurus and 2nd and 11th House. Venus is the Goddess of Love.

Venus also represents love, money, luxuries, bonding, mother’ love, feeling of a sense of connection, marriage, spouse, relatedness, arts, media, music and creativity.

A small view of positive Venus in signs is

Venus in Aries – Arians love flirting and they are quite direct in love approach. They are expressive.

Venus in Taurus – Venus rules Taurus. They are confident in love with their partners and have loyalty.

Venus in Gemini – Geminis are comfortable in expressing and are attracted towards intellect and talk.

Venus in Cancer – Cancerians are shy, sentimental and sensitive especially towards their home and spouse

Venus in Leo – Natives are warm-hearted, attention seeker and expressive in love.

Venus in Virgo – Virgos are devoted, have higher expectation, timid and faithful.

Venus in Libra – Venus rules Libra. They are balanced, soft-hearted and courteous in love.

Venus in Scorpio – Scorpions demand deep, a bit obsessive in love and highly emotional.

Venus in Sagittarius – Sagittarians look for growth in love, intellectual connection and spiritually inclined.

Venus in Capricorn – Love is a serious matter and they are very cautious for their partner. They look for maturity and reliance.

Venus in Aquarius – Aquarians are open in love and they look the best friend in their love.

Venus in Pisces – Pisceans are unconditional, soft-hearted, and urge for imaginative love.

We know that planets’ interpretation varies for each native and it is dependent on various factors such as the major and the minor period of the dashas and Antar Dasha, degrees of planers and moon-sign. Leading experienced Astrologers can be consulted for more accurate predictions for Venus transition. Then only proper remedies should be implemented for the same. Without any proper consultation, it is not possible that each remedy will work faster for the same. There are some major considerations that are analyzed by the astrologers for the correct situations that can affect a person. Wearing suitable gemstone after proper consultation can bring hell lot of positive vibes that can be worth for future happiness. This can also help to overcome any upcoming fatal events or setbacks of life.

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