Walking barefoot on green grass pleases saturn

Walking Barefoot on Green Grass Pleases Saturn

Life is not always a bed of roses. Sometimes there are hindrances that can become hurdles in our progress. Life doesn’t always believe that strength is the beauty of life. Sometimes weakness has beauty too; this is because it is soft, tender and weak. A strong tree may stand standstill but it easily breaks in the storm. On the other aspect, weak and tender grasses simply blend, and then the storm goes by, and they still show the same smiling and happy face of them. In fact, the storm is powerful and destroyer for the strong one but it refreshes the tender grasses and flowers.

They become more alive, younger, and fresher as they get a good bath by the storm. In the same way, a person of characteristics will always bend in the absence of others as a tree full of flowers. No attitude can shadow that person who is like a tree full of fruit.

One of the best things that Saturn teaches us to be humble and soft. To help everyone who comes our way. And for maintaining the beauty of relationships within our circle of people. Walk on the Grass on Saturday to invoke the blessings of Saturn!

Feet is represented by 12 th house of loss, so walking on the grass helps to absorb the loss and also teaches us to be humble. Get astrological consultancy report to know about the position of Saturn in your horoscope.



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