What are the effects of Gemstones

What are Gemstones

Gemstones are found in the raw form in the universe. These are present in the form of minerals, extracted by the miner, cut, and polished in the factories in the form of beautiful gems. Gemstones have a specific significance in the Vedic astrology. Gems are used since the ancient era to liberate and remove the problems of a person. Gemstones recommended by an expert astrologer can help to remove the associated problems of malefic planets by combating the same.
Human being is made and nourished by a continuous life force reflecting the physical body of the plane. This life force represents the current of light, which helps to bring the source of life itself. When it flows freely, there is an experience of joy, vitality and vibrant health.

Similarly, like us, the Earth is enlightened by the life force. There are various life force affecting the life the various elements earth. During the process of the formation of the Earth, life energy was infused into the planet’s crystalline matrices. Thus, the gemstones came to embody and express the life force within the planet.

Gemstones radiate the life force with great power and if used properly they can bring the light and an array of light into the area of darkness and neutralizes the darkness. The removal of blockages brings the light force into the life again and helps to shine again through the enliven, nourish, and heal the body and the soul. Each different types of gemstone expresses a different and a unique characteristics, therefore, it can address a different kind of blockage.
Ruby gemstone enhances the positive affect of Sun.
Emerald gemstone increases the positive vibes of planet Mercury.
Yellow sapphire gemstone increases the good effect of planet Jupiter.
Diamond or white sapphire increases the positive effect of planer Venus.
Red coral increase the positive effect of planet Mars.
Blue sapphire gemstone increases the positive effect of planet Saturn.
Cat’s eye helps to combat the ill effect of Ketu.
Gomed or Hessonite gemstone removes the malefic effect of Rahu
Pearl / Moti for balancing the Moon.
Gemstones carry a life energy and life force, they have the capability to transform it into gemstone energy. If we talk about the gemstone sphere, life force continuously draws the energy from the entire surface to the sphere’s center. This is the greatest transformation that fuels the life force energy into gemstone energy and causes the gem’s energy to flow with great power.

Wearing proper gemstone can help to remove the malefic effect of certain planets and also heals the chakras of the body. It is evident that people who are using gemstone are getting benefits in every area of life, whether it can be in the business, bollywood, education, and industries, all are benefitting from the a point to the top of the world. According to the research and the findings, only natural gemstones can give benefits and according to Vedic astrology the nine planets represents the 9 special gemstones.
Before wearing gemstone, its necessary to know whether the gemstone is giving the good effects or the bad effects according to your horoscope. Otherwise, in case of negative effect, it can harm you rather than giving benefit. So if you want to wear any precious or semi precious gemstone do consult an experienced astrologer before wearing it.



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