What are the effects of Gemstones

What are the effects of Gemstones

What are the effects of Gemstones
Gemstones act in the overall human body and there is a misconception, that gemstones effect only psychologically and astrologically. Yes although it effects astrologically and psychologically yet it acts on the complete human body. Gemstones are formed of certain minerals that give a huge impact on the human body. Since history, the use and effect of gemstones have been explained in the scriptures and ancient texts.
The color of the gemstones represents certain planets in astrological science. Specific gemstones are advised for enhancing the effect of planets. Most widely and popular gemstones which are widely used astrologically are Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Emerald, Red Coral, Cat’s Eye, Hessonite, Ruby, Diamond, and Pearl. These are the precious gemstone and should be worn only after proper consultation. Apart from the precious, there are semi-precious gemstones that are widely used in the jewelry making and beautification of ornaments. Semi-precious gemstones have also particular gemological properties that give good effect to the wearer. Some of the most common semi-precious gemstones are Peridot, Amethyst, Lapis lazuli, Turquoise, Pieterisite, and Labradorite. It is not possible to list down all the names of semi-precious gemstones in a single article. So, if you are looking for the complete details of the semi-precious gemstones than visit gemstones section of our website.

Let us look some of the beneficial effect of gemstone on the human body:
• Every gemstone has a particular chemical structure and it is suggested to wear on the finger so that it can touch the skin of your body. The reason is the substance present in the gemstone is rubbed and is absorbed in the body in a very little amount in the form of a molecule and works as a homeopathic medicine.
• The certain color of the gemstone affects the complete aura of the body. Each color in a color spectrum has 12 colors and these rays have a positive effect on the wearer. The atmosphere also becomes energized around the wearer and it changes the behavior and attitude of the wearer.
• Gemstones may also work on the subconscious level of the person so that he may be able to find the risk associated with his life. This can help the wearer to take a proper and correct decision and make calculations over the possible result of any work.
• In most of the cases, you may find that certain finger is suggested for wearing a particular gemstone. This is because planets rule over certain parts of the body and they help in the proper regulation of the hormones. There is mounts present below each finger in the hand also called as a pressure point in acupressure. By wearing gemstone ring pressure is applied over these points This effects the overall health of a person
• Gemstones worn after proper energization and proper pran pratishtha are more effective. Puja and japa effects the human being lives. It has been proved scientifically that if a glass tumbler filled with water is subjected to high sound it breaks after vibration. In the army, also the soldiers perform kadamtal (March past) to get energy and motivation for fighting the enemies. The manta Japa done by the Pandits and Acharyas during the energization of gemstones can correct the flaws of the gemstones. The sound produced by the Japa brings positive effects to the crystal structure of gemstones and radiates benefit to the wearer.
Therefore, these are the research findings and proved scientifically that gemstones acts like a medicine and removes the physical and mental sufferings for a healthy and happier life.

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