What is Astro Vedic Yagya

What is Astro Vedic Yagya
Yajña (Sanskrit यज्ञ yajña; also anglicized as Yagna, Yagya, Yaga or Yadnya), sometimes also called as ‘homa or havana’ (But these are different rituals), is a ritual of sacrifice derived from the practice of Vedic times. The Vedas are the basic source about the methodology of Yajnas. Astro Vedic Yagya is one of the most important part of Yagyas. In Atharveda importance of mantra is defines as a sound therapy for the benefit of mankind. Samaveda focuses on musical chanting of mantras and Yajur Veda encloses the understanding of principles and a method of performing Yajnas.Yajna is the central concept of Srauta. It is performed to please the Gods or to attain certain wishes. The closet and most prominent word for Yajna is sacrifice. It is an ancient ritual of offering and sublimating the Havana samagri (herbal preparation) in the fire. It is also called as “Karma” that means action or to sacrifice / worship / and offering. Divine fire is used in performing the Yajna:; as the things that are offered to the fire reaches to the Gods.

Planets gives the fruit of our past actions or karmas
Yagya relieves the sufferings caused by malefic planets.

“Yagyas are Highest Karmas” as said by lord Krishna. A Yajna is the most auspicious remedial action to remove past negative karma and to help to create positive karma.

Process Of Astro Vedic Yagya

Astro  Vedic Yajna is performed by a head priest, with a number of additional priests playing a major role. The items of havan samgri are offered into the fire. The head priest recites invocations drawn from the Rig Veda. The verses recited by priest are of three kinds- The introductory verses, verses regarding Yajna and eulogistic verses. There is usually one or three fires lit in the centers. Large quantity of ghee, milk, grains cake and soma are offered in the fire. The duration of Yajna depends on the type; some can last for few minutes, hours or days. Some Yajnas are performed privately; others with a large number of people. Our special Panditas and Aacharayas, who are working under the ingenious guidance of Astrologer Parshant Kapoor, perform this Yagya. Astro Vedic Yagya is done for enhancement and spiritual growth in life.

Yagyas were the part of Vedic culture in Vedic age, now it has become our culture. So Yagyas in everyday life can bring prosperity and happiness in your life. Astro Vedic Yagya is a very spiritual yagya and it is performed in complete spiritual environment.

Constituent of Astro Vedic Yajna

The primary constituent of Yajna are inspiration (bhavana), learning (savadhya), rites involved (karma), offerings (tyaga) and finally the results (phala).

First Class Yagya

We perform Yagyas by our group of special pundits. These Pundits are skilled and very experienced. They give an experience and awareness of that associated with the great sage and Maharishis (great seers) of ancient india. We feel greatest honor to fulfill long cherished desire and to be supportive in performing this timeless Vedic tradition. We offer this service with great desire and gratitude.

Yagya for Quick Result



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