what is astrology

What is Astrology

Astrology is a science of correlation of astronomical facts with terrestrial events. Some people define astrology as the science of stars. According to others, it is the art by which future of a man can be known. According to astrological events, the celestial bodies are conspicuous by the presence of supreme order in their revolutions. Astrology gives the answer by the juxtaposition of celestial order with terrestrial phenomena; the possibility of making prognostications could not be doubted.
Astrology is mainly concerned with the application of cosmic laws to a terrestrial phenomenon in general and man in particular. Astrology resembles history in an essential respect as a science. History is the science of human events in the past, ascertained and interpreted in accordance with tested methods such as those of observation, testimony, examination of MSS, coins and historical monuments.

For example, astrology tells the connection between the afflictions of Mars in a man’s horoscope and his bodily illness or an affliction of Saturn in the 12th house is accompanied by deafness or ear troubles. In the same way, eye disease appears in a man with afflictions in certain stars in the horoscope with Jyeshta or Antares.
The truth of astrology was also been evaluated by statistical methods. According to Bertrand Russel “Statistics ideally are accurate laws about large groups; they differ from other laws only in being about groups and not about individuals. It can be seen that some of the greatest thinkers and intellectuals of all ages have endorsed the truth of astrology, and have consulted their horoscope.



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