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What is Azoospermia

What is Azoospermia

Azoospermia – Nil Sperms

Azoospermia or loss of sperm is the most prevalent factor that is responsible for male infertility. Azoospermia leads to absence of sperm during ejaculation or complete absence of sperm. When the semen analysis is done, it shows the absence of sperm in the ejaculate but doesn’t rule out the possibility that sperm is being produced and not delivered to the semen. This has been a common searched question on the internet nowadays that what is azoospermia which is simply azoospermia-nil sperms.

Azoospermia in medical term also defines the absence of sperm during ejaculation. It can be also ‘obstructive’ where there is a blockage preventing sperm from entering the ejaculate. Around 10% of infertile men and 1% of all men have azoospermia.

Signs and Symptoms of Azoospermia

A person suffering from azoospermia may show following symptoms below:
1. Testicles those are small, soft, and no palpable
2. Increased body fat, body hair
3. Whitish or watery discharge from penis.
4. Mass or swelling on the scrotum that feels like a bag.
5. Stress and emotional pressure due to inability to conceive a child.

Diagnosis of Azoospermia

Azoospermia is detected during investigation of infertility. There are several aspects that can lead to diagnosis of azoospermia. Other aspects that can be looked upon for diagnosis and evaluation may include:

a) Detail medical history.
b) Physical examination.
c) Hormone testing.
d) Genetic screening.
e) Genital tract imaging.

Classification – Azoospermia can be classified into three major types listed below:

a) Pretesticular azoospermia.
b) Testicular azoospermia.
c) Post-testicular azoospermia.
a) Pretesticular azoospermia – It is characterized by inadequate stimulation of normal testicle and genital tract.

Testicular azoospermia – In this condition of azoospermia, testes are abnormal, atrophic or absent and sperm production is absent
Post-testicular azoospermia – In this condition, sperms are produced, but don’t ejaculate. It affects 7-51% of azoospermic men. The main cause of this is physical obstruction of the post-testicular genital tract.

Cause of Azoospermia

Azoospermia can be caused by two major reasons.

(a)Obstructive Azoospermia– It is due to blockage of male genital system. It can be caused due to underlying reasons.

A-Infection– Infection of the testicle, prostrate or other parts of the male reproductive system can lead to blockage and azoospermia.
B- Genetic cause –Genes present at birth, may cause abnormal or defective development and blockage of the male genital tract.
C- Trauma, surgery or radiation– Previous injury that damages pelvis, lower abdomen and spine may affect sperm production. Injury to the male sex organ can also lead to blockage of the flow of sperm.

(b) Non-Obstructive Azoospermia– It is the result of poor sperm production, which interferes with the production of sperms. It can be caused due to underlying reason.

A-Genetic cause– Certain defective genes present at birth can affect sperm production.
B- Radiation– Heat that is used to treat cancer may hinder sperm production and that can be chemotherapy treatment.
C- Variocele-Blood vessels are also called as vein and in the scrotum it may become enlarged and widened that can impair normal sperm production.

Azoospermia Treatment in Ayurveda

Azoospermia (nil sperm, no sperm) is the major reason that causes an inability for normal couple to conceive. Azoospemia treatment in Ayurveda has become a very longstanding boon for nil sperm. Ayurvedic remedies are primarily derived from herbs plants, flowers fruits etc. Ayurveda science was inspired by lord Brahma, creator of the world. Ayurvedic treatment in ayurveda helps to enhance the shukra dhaatu of male Ayurveda has a vast belief that quality of sperm is an important factor and if semen (shukra) is mixed with dhatus or mala (wastes of the body), then its quality suffers. Azoospermia Treatment in Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Remedies for Azoospermia

(1) Musli
(2) Shatavari
(3) Ashwagandha
(4) Pippali
(5) Shilajatu
(6) Root and Bark of peepal
(7) Yashtimadhuk
(8) Samudrashok
(9) Saariva

Varicose vain a cause of Azoospermia can be treated using Ayurvedic preparations that includes

(1) Punarnava
(2) Arshkuthar ras
(3) Kakmachi
(4) Kanyakan vati
(5) Surandi vati

Three most important Ayurvedic remedies for the treatment of Azoospermia

SAFED MUSLI– It is a very powerful ayurvedic herb, which increases sperm count and male fertility. Unctuous heaviness and cold nature of Safed musli increases Jal dhatu and Prithvi dhaatu as, semen is made of water and earth. This in turn increases sperm count /semen volume and sperm motility.

MUCUNA PRUCRIENS– It is a very effective tonic for nervous system and increases testosterone level. It has L- dopa that helps in stimulating the production of dopamine by brain that increase sexuality. Mucusa Pruriens is considered to be the best aphrodisiac agent.

TRIBULUS– This is herb known for centuries for treatment of infertility. It enhances the level of testosterone and estrogen. It soothes kidneys gives positive effect on urinary tract. Hence it is considered very useful in treating Azoospermia.

We at astrokapoor follow extensive Ayurvedic treatment of Azoospermia. Apart from the herbal remedies used, the advantage in improvement of condition can be viewed as follows.

(1) Importance in the quality of semen.
(2) No side effect of the Ayurvedic treatment.
(3) Sperm count is increased and sperm motility and volume, abnormal sperm morphology can be corrected.
(4) Maximum time required for treatment is 9 month, with minimum of 1 million sperm count.
(5) There is an increase in ejaculation volume , sperm activity and sperm count during the process of ejaculation
(6) There is an increase in the sperm Volume by 500% with no side effects.
(7) There is an increase in blood flow through the arteries in the penis.
(8) We have treated more than thousand patients with more than 90% of success rate.

MAKARDHWAJA – It is the most celebrated remedy for sterility or infertility. Given in 150 mg dose to the patient on an empty stomach, with half teaspoonful of butter and half teaspoonful of sugar gives a miraculous effect.


Ayurvedic treatment guides a patient to follow an appropriate diet. Sour and pungent substance should be avoided as they have a detrimental effect on the production of Sperms. Milk, ghee, butter and sweet substances are good for this condition high protein diet, particularly fish, white meat, and eggs are recommended.

Astrokapoor uses Ayurveda and gems therapy for the treatment of infertility in the fastest way. In Azoospermia natural herbs increases sperm count and there is no restriction for any type of food. Apart from treatment of Azoospermia (nil sperm) offers a wide range of Ayurvedic treatment for following male infertility.

Azoospermia Treatment in Ayurveda and Medical Astrology



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