what is oligospermia

What is Oligospermia

What is oligospermia

Oligospermia is low sperm count and is an important factor for Male Infertility. Oligospermia occurs when a large number of sperms are not motile, viable or exhibit morphological abnormalities. In a normal male, normal sperm counts are as follows-

Normal sperm count-20 million / million to 120 million
Sperm count below-20 million / ml and called as Oligospermia.

Oligospermia is not as severe as Azoospermia and it can be treated.

Symptoms of Oligospermia– The symptoms of Oligospermia are as follows

(1) Male Subfertility- It is very necessary to examine symptoms that caused complications in Oligospermia, underlying cause of oligospermia conditions that are associated with oligospermia.
(2) Underlying conditions for Oligospermia– There are different factors for the underlying cause of Oligospermia:

A- Reason for the temporary reduction in sperm count:
· Smoking
· Consumption of excessive alcohol
· Certain severe illness.
· Certain irrelevant drugs
· Presence of high temperature
· Occurrence of high fever.

B- Variocele

C- Exposure to radiation

D- Radiotherapy

E- Inflammation of the testes

F- Presence of Varicose veins around the testes.

Accurate Value For Sperm Count

(1) Sperm Volume- A value of sperm volume less, than 0.5 ml indicate a problem in producing the specimen
(2) Abnormal pH- A pH less than 7.0 may indicate retrograde ejaculation when combining with a very low ejaculate volume.
(3) Abnormal Sperm density- A Sperm count below 20*106/ml is considered relevant, and a count nearby 5*106/ml can help to increase the treatment.
(4) Abnormal Sperm motility- In a normal condition, if less than 50% of the sperm moves progressively, a problem with motility is foreseen.


Ayurveda has discovered a very detailed analysis about infertility and Oligospermia Ayurvedic treatment of oligospermia has been proved to be highly successful. Ayurveda clearly describes qualitative measures about sperm (shudha shukra lakshanam). Ayurveda lays stress about do’s and don’ts in diet in special connection with shukra.

Ayurveda has advocated a very separate branch that only deals with the treatment of shukrakshya (Oligospermia), with other aspect regarding holistic approach, under chapter of Vaajikarana therapy.


Chakrapani, one of the very well known commentators of “Charak Samhita” has discussed about Vajikarana, into three categories.

(1) Shukrasrutikara Dravya– This denotes to maintain proper flow of the shukra with stambhana, and cares to prevent, premature ejaculation of the seminal fluid.
(2) Shukravruddhikara Dravya– This indicates the one which actually increases the shukra, qualitatively and quantitatively as well. It also helps to increase the dhatus (vital tissue of the body) with the proper use of rasayana (Rasayanas are drugs which helps to keep disease and aging process away). These medicines are very crucial for Oligospermia.
(3) Srutivruddhikara Dravya– This drug is the combination of the above two.

Astrokapoor advice remedies for Oligospermia along with Ayurveda.

(1) Garlic paste along with boiled goat milk should be taken once a day.
(2) A paste of 2 dried dates, 2 almonds, 2 pistachios and a ¼ teaspoonful of quince seed, in a glass of milk should be taken at bedtime.

Oligospermia Treatment in Medical Astrology



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