where is your saturn

Where is Your Saturn?

Saturn is the planet of judgement. The role of Saturn’s in our life is very important. The wins and loses are the main aspect which is given by this tricky planet. The result also depends on its placement in your horoscope, either in fiery sign, watery sign, earthy sign and so on.

Fire sign – This can be frustrating  and it may mean you are forced to slow down life when you want to race ahead.

Earth sign – This is actually the easiest to handle, as Earth signs don’t assume too much and Saturn won’t let anyone assume too much.

Air sign – This is wonderful for making long-lasting decisions and formulating new ideas. It’s important to let your ideas flow into new direction and new planes of life. You have to be flexible to grab the opportunities.

Water sign – This can be tricky because the water signs want to let their feelings flow and Saturn is all about limits and restrictions.

What are the keywords for which Saturn represents:

What is the lesson of your life? What you fear the most? What makes you sad? What can depress you and where the brakes are on? Where you can really commit and go the long haul? Where you are rock and where you are solid? Are you patience with your level? What is your self discipline and your ambition level? What are your responsibilities and what you want to do further in your life.

Saturn is about structure, challenges and our fears, as well as being the planet in our chart that governs work and discipline. Saturn is the slowest-moving of the planets that can be seen with the naked eyes. Saturn is cold and calculating and wants his pound of flesh. Saturn’s feminine side is the wise old lady. She may be no longer be a beauty but she doesn’t care: she’s beyond all that. Saturn is all about wisdom, and facing the truth and having integrity.

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