Whewellite Value and Jewelry Information

Whelwellite is a rare quality of mineral and is rarely faceted. It is mostly desired as a matter of curiosity because of its scarcity and chemical composition – sometimes organic.

Whewellite Value

This is a rare mineral and can be found in both Earth and through organic means. It can grow hydro-thermally in carbonate-sulfide veins and is also seen in coal seams as well as also in concretions in plants and animals. Most notably it is found as kidney stones. It has fairly disposition, and any faceted gems would be too small to appreciate this property. These have variable cleavage found in three directions and extremely low hardness. Thus, cutting and wearing this stone as jewelry stones is difficult. Get Gemstone Recommendation

Whelwellites are also best known as display pieces for gem or minerals collections. Scientists have also synthesized Whelwellites for numerous projects as research into kidney stone formation and crystal twinning. But there is no known jewelry use for this lab-created mineral.


None known.


Notable source of minerals includes United States; Monatna; Czech Republic; France; Hungary; Russia; South Dakota and Germany.

Stone Sizes

The size of the crystal is small and may vary. It is also colorless and faceters could cut gems that typically weigh above 2 carats.


How to care for Whelwellites?

Try to avoid cleaning it with solutions that contain acids.

Clean it only with warm water, mild detergent and soap.

Use a soft brush for cleaning.

Whewellites consist of oxalate and their consumption can lead to kidney stone formation. While thses are found in some common foods and pose a risk if ingested over time. The people who are faceter should wear dust masks to avoid accidentally ingesting particles.

Exposure to Whewellite dust may cause acute skin irritation, especially in children and pets, so faceters should try to wear protective clothing and make sure to clean their workplace.

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