White Coral Benefits and Astrology

White Coral Benefits and Astrology

Among the Coral family in the family of gemstones, two form of important coral is white coral and red coral. Astrologically white coral is used for removing the malefic effect of Moon in the horoscope. If the placement of Moon along with the Mars is ill-positioned in the horoscope, then this beneficial stone acts on the same. If Mars is in Cancer, shows the deeply debilitating planetary position. In some texts, white coral is described to be associated with Venus, which is incorrect because Diamond, White Zircon, White Sapphire, Opal and Colorless quartz are used for the planet, Venus.

Names of White Coral Gemstone
It also called as Safed Moonga or Shwet Praval.

Source of White Coral
There are various sources of white coral from where it can be exported but the main sources are The Australian, Mediterranean, and American Coasts.

This white stone is highly beneficial from an astrological point of view and other health benefits. let us look in brief the important healing properties of White Coral
• White Coral removes the malefic effect of Mars if placed with Moon in the horoscope.
• White Coral removes general debility and other nervous problems.
• White Coral boosts the immune system and an ability of regeneration.
• It helps the wearer to attain self-expression and boost self-confidence.
• In Ayurvedic texts, white coral is described as a medicine for the treatment of blood – related disorders. According to Ayurveda, this stone has a composition of Pishti, which is mixed with other herbs for making medicine.
• It helps to remove fear, anxiety, and depression. White Coral is a very powerful tranquilizer and acts as an anti-depressant to calm the overactive mind.
• White Coral cure leucoderma, leucorrhea, and diseases that are caused by the white fluids in the body.
• White Coral if worn in beads and ring as jewelry, protects the body from the negative energy.
• Females who are unable to conceive with a tendency of miscarriage should tie white coral on their navel for 90 days for safe delivery and for combating other problems of pregnancy.
• White Coral has a special healing power as it removes the weakness, ill health, and other general debilities.
• White Coral positively removes the short-tempered tendencies and calms a fickle mind.

White Coral is a precious gemstone so the price varies according to the quality of the stone. If you are buying a white coral gemstone in India, USA, and UK, then be sure that you get a certificate of authenticity from a reputed gemstone lab as IGI and GIA. There are many fake gemstones sellers in the market selling a duplicate stone in the name of white coral, so beware before buying. The Price of the gem starts from less than USD100 per carat and can go up to 10,000USD per carat.

How to care for White Coral
Although White Coral gemstone is durable, it is not so hard, so it must be protected properly. As it is made of a soft coral reef, it can break easily or its surface may get tampered with during hard physical activity. Therefore, white coral should be protected from harsh chemical, from the rough surface.



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