White Gemstone

White Gemstone

White Gemstones
White Sapphire Gemstone exhibit unique transparency and brilliant white hue. One of the main attractions of colored gemstones is, of course, color. The most valuable colored stones are those with different and intense color. Ruby, Emerald and sapphire are brilliantly colored. But white gemstones exhibit extreme spark and illumination, so sometimes jewelry of white or colorless gems hold more value than colored gems

When small pieces of white stones are used as a side stone in a ring, then the most popular gem is white sapphire. It has an exceptional hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale and possesses a very high refractive index. It is an excellent substitute for diamonds. It is found in the size range of 2 mm, in round and square shapes.

White Sapphire is the most common gemstone that is needed in smaller sizes and shape. The most common options for large white gemstones are zircon and topaz. White sapphires are found in different shapes and size. Round white sapphires are usually more valuable and are of premium price.

Zircon is a brilliant gem with a high refractive index. Before the introduction of diamond, the different stimulant like cubic zircon was used in place of diamond. It is often used as a diamond replacement. It is not as hard as sapphire, but white zircon is more affordable. Although it is not quite as hard as sapphire, white zircon is more affordable and is used, in the place of diamond and white sapphire. The same is true for white topaz. When a white gemstone is needed in a large size — over 5 carats — topaz is the obvious choice.



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