who should wear cat's eye- lehsunia

Who should wear Cat’s eye-Lehsunia

Benefits of Cat’s Eye-Lehsunia Gemstone
Cat’s eye is the gemstone of Ketu. It is an opaque gem with Beryllium Aluminum Oxide. Mainly it is found in brownish or brownish green in color. Cat’s eye or Lehsunia is used for Ketu to combat the ill effect of this planet. Ketu is a shadowy planet and always retrograde in nature. Ketu is very similar to Mars and always gives sudden result. Ketu is exalted in Scorpio. It is very hot in nature. In a retrograde position, it causes various physical ailments in the body. But sometimes it gives much-unexpected result. It indicates fear, maternal grandfather, allergy, leprosy, court, law. It also indicates wisdom and integrity. Ketu blesses the native with son.

Cat’s eye is very helpful in solving complex problems related to court and law. Cat’s eye-Lehsunia is also very useful in curing disease as leukemia, paralysis and skin disease etc. It also helps to prevent oneself from sudden mishaps and accidents. It removes the disease caused by the weak Mars in a horoscope. Cat’s eye/Lehsunia is also very helpful in removing genetic related disorders. It can be Cushing syndrome and Hemophilia. It is also beneficial for the students and working professionals.

Cat’s Eye-Lehsunia In Medical Astrology
It is very useful in curing blood related disorders. It helps to cure anemia, leukemia, bone cancer, skin disease, asthma, fainting fits, mental worries and insanity. People who are suffering from unexpected fears can be heavily benefitted by wearing Cat’s eye.

Cat’s eye and different zodiacs/Rashis
Cat’s eye is beneficial for Ketu. It is very beneficial to wear this stone during the mahadasha of Ketu if posited in the rashis of Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn, Libra and Aquarius.

Cat’s eye and Professions
Professions which are benefitted by this stone include writers, directors, engineers, scientists, architects, printers, pharmacist, meteorologist and many more.
People who are involved in cinema, acting, producing films, studio, business, and paintings can do good by wearing Cat’s eye.

Method of wearing
It should be worn in the middle finger of right hand studded in gold or silver finger ring. It weighs measures form four to seven ratti.

Please Note: Wear Cat’s eye/Lehsunia after proper consultation by an expert Astrologer. Before wearing this stone go for proper astrological consultation.



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