Win Over The Heart of Chitra Nakshatra Native

Joseph to Chitra Nakshatra – Hello! How are you? I am writing a blog about you, as you are very special to me because I am also Chitra Nakshatra. Can you help me with some tips!

Chitra – Sure, I will definitely help you. Of Course, Yes! Here is some qualities mine that can help you to get over my complete characteristics.

• Mars rules me – So, I am full of courage and on the outside, though I may be fearful inside which people may never know about.

• I may urge for perfectionism or strive hard to find balance.

• If you want to shine continuously, know that I have my own struggles to get where I stand now.

• I am a creative person and I love to create! I have full energy that helps me to fulfill my dreams.

• Yes, I love to be successful and I am ambitious to make a mark in the society.

• If you’re not creative, dynamic and energetic then you’re wasting time on me.

• I am inspired by Craftsmanship and I love to go extra mile for making things beautiful.

• I am a learner and I keep improving myself and perfecting things until I feel it is best.

• I love luxuries and comfort, but at the same, I am practical enough.

• I am the decision maker and if I decide to, I have the option to become the master of destiny. The point in this is also whether I decide to do it or not. But I have the instinct present.

• I am very particular about my mistake and I keep track of the entire mistake you have done against me. So you can never escape.

• I am a doer and keep on working, I never know when to stop and that may lead to frustration sometimes.

• I can judge you very well although you’re wearing the mask.

• I may be dominant and aggressive sometimes and I do not like to be told that I am.

• I love harmony.

• I am fond of jewelry and my choices are unique.

• I can’t manage uncertainty. So do not put me in such situations.

• Don’t expect me to be stagnant – I keep moving on.

• Photography is something that I like, even if I don’t admit it. So I would love if you take a lot of pictures of mine.

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