Win Heart of Magha Nakshatra Native

Win Heart of Magha Nakshatra Native

Win Heart of Magha Nakshatra Native
Alice was wandering here and there. He was the little bit upset because some problem was pricking between him and his wife. Certainly, he met Magha Nakshatra passing with the wide face, big eyes and walk of a king.

He stopped by and requested Magha to help him with his problem.

Alice to Magha – Namaste, I have a problem in my marital life. Can you help me out with this? Please!

Magha – Yes! Sure, I will help you. What is the problem? After going through the problem of Alice, Magha said, write down the tips to make me happy.

I am a very pampered kid and I like to be pampered, but not in an ordinary way But ROYALTY

I love power and position and if it is not given, I take it anyway.

I have earned it from my past life and if you think I don’t deserve it, I take it anyway.

I am happy if I am appreciated and admired. You will have to express the creativity through attention.

I am very proud of my family and lineage and you’re lucky to be associated with lineage.

I am a good identifier and dare not question my identity.

Do not take me for granted and not as a face value too. If I am silent then there can be the huge storm going inside me.

I like royal and like everything in my life to be regal, mighty, and magnificent.

People like to do a favor for me even I have not asked of them.

I may not accept their favor openly, but I do care about my status and I like to take the center of the attraction.

I may have questions for all your answers but I may not have answers to your questions.

I have strong willpower and sometimes it is also questioned.

I am creative and like to do the thing in my own creative way.

There is no limit and boundaries in my dictionary.

I will give you benefit if you let me express myself without any hesitation and inhibitions including my frustrations and expectations.

When I am stressed, I love to dine. I lose my self-control, but when I feel I am not looking good then I resort to extreme measures to lose my added weight.



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