Win heart of mula nakshatra native

Win Heart of Mula Nakshatra Native

Win Heart of Mula/Moola Nakshatra Native

Alex was roaming here and there because of the fight with is the little sister. He loved his sister a lot but sometimes due to the difference of opinion strong aggression develops in his sister finally leading to fighting.

Alex sister was a Mula Nakshatra native. At night when Alex was asleep, he met Mula Nakshatra in his dream and got all his answers to his questions.

Mula – Let’s cut the chase and jump right in. Here we go!

1. I am a researcher and when it comes to research and findings, no one can beat me.

2. I am straight, direct and talk to the point. I don’t like hypocrisy.

3. I go deeper into every aspect and never spread wide. This is my motto.

4. I am a keen observer and good at pinpointing the things that are going wrong.

5. I have a sharply pointed noise and am the first thing that you’ll notice about me.

6. I am a very fast thinker and actor.

7. Sometimes I may underestimate my power, so you have to help me to remind that too!

8. I underplay complex situations and sometimes dramatize the simple situation.

9. I am highly magnetic and some may be unable to resist my magnetism and charm.

10. I will never stop if I have decided on something.

11. I am continuous does and don’t know when to stop!

12. I take responsibility for my loved ones and people outside my circle may feel that I am self-centered.

13. I am highly loyal.

14. Once I have decided on something, no one can make me change that. Yes, I am strongly opinionated.

15. I am God fearing person and this helps me to take the biggest transformation in my life.

16. I don’t have a dishonest attitude and don’t make a relationship for some work. When things fall apart I cut away from any relationships.

17. I am not particular about good health, so you’ve to take the same!

18. My inner power is to break things apart, either in a positive or in a negative way.

19. I tend to bite, more than I chew.

20. I don’t believe in compromise, so don’t expect any compromising situation from me. If you want to win over me, you have to show the same.



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