Ashwini Nakshatra

Win Heart of Ashvini Nakshatra Native

Win Heart of Ashwini Nakshatra Native?

How to win the heart of Ashwini nakshatra Native? What are the qualities that make this nakshatra peculiar.

Pooja to Ashwini Nakshatra – Namaste! I am attracted by you and I am writing a blog post about how to win over the people who fall under your asterism. Please, can you help me.

Ashwini – Hurry up! Just start now!

1. I am starting something new. So please don’t worry about lot of things.

2. I am the favorite of Ketu, so I think I act out of the box.

3. How much you try to know me, you may not know me all because I am ruled by Ketu – there is always some mysteries left behind.

4. I maintain secrecy and I have many secret tips.

5. I am fast and quick – so if you move slowly then it may be trouble.

6. I am easily influenced by good and bad, so your dream may be fulfilled by writing projects on me.

7. I have attitude and I like to earn my own living and make my own career.

8. I like to run because I am associated with horse. So I am swift and I react quickly.

9. I don’t like too much poking nose in my life. I like independence and freedom and do not like anyone to invade my space.

10. The special friend is my twin and you can also consider me the same.

11. I have a sense of detachment from within, so how much ever you get attached to me I may look on the outside.

12. You may not be able to guess my correct age because I look much younger than my age.

13. I have certain charm and elegance.

14. I am very impulsive sometimes and I may go from impulse to thought to action very quickly.

15. I love to travel, so you can be my travel buddy.

16. I have good sense of humor and sometimes I may laugh at myself.

17. I have great patience.

18. I may begin new things often but find hard to complete.

19. I am always open for advice.

20. I am very straightforward, so be direct and straightforward to me.

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