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Win Heart of Shatbhisha Nakshatra Girl

This is an imaginary story about Thomas who was in love with Shatbhisha nakshatra girl. How to win her heart? What are the exemplified qualities that she adores in a person?

How to win the heart of a Shatabhishak Nakshatra native?

Thomas to Shatbhishak – Hello, Shatbhishak – I am madly in love with a girl who is native of your tribe. I don’t want to lose her. Help me with some tips to win her heart!

Shatabhishak – Great! Here you are, will taste the honesty and righteous deeds that actually imprints in Shatbhisha. Let me give you some interesting tips.

Thomas – Thank you!

Shatabhishak – These are 10 tips to know me better!

1. “I need fair judgment”, – You will often hear from her. So be prepared for it.

2. Most people will not keep your secrets. But, I have to constantly struggle with my own inner demons! I hide it so well no one can really know that.

3. Love is very important to me but respect is equally important.

4. I am ruled by Varuna – The God of the Ocean with magical healing powers. So I have the healing touch when it comes to healing.

5. I am ruled by Rahu – So I will fight for my rights just like rahu who wanted share of “amrit” from churning of ocean.

6. I am ruled by Rahu – So if I set some goal, I wanted to achieve them. So you should learn not to take things personally. It is your duty to accept me as I am.

7. My main motive of life is dharma! Being right is more important to me than being nice.

8. Horse is the animal that rules this nakshatra – I love speed and agility and I love traveling.

9. I am very hardworking and devoted to my work. So don’t ever complain about my work.

10. I am a researcher and good to do research. So I dive deep into the roots of the cause and the reason for the same.

Thomas – Wow! Great! Thank You. I will make a solid plan with all the above info in my mind. It is not easy to please her.

Shatbhishak – But remember, once you pleased her and won her than stays forever. She will always be loyal and devoted to you.

Thomas – Yup! So it’s worth the effort

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