How To Worship Kaal Bhairava

How To Worship Kaal Bhairava

Lord Kaalbhairava is Lord Shiva. He is worshipped for several reasons. Some of the most important reasons of Kaalbhairava worship are to escape from fears, removing hurdles, to get progress and success and warding off evils and negative energies. It is also useful for curing mental disorders, attainment of spiritual powers and abilities and many others.

About Lord Bhairava worship

Kalabhairava pooja has certain maxims which we have to follow. The puja is started on the next Sunday and lasts for eight days. The ideal time to worship Kalabhairava is Raghukaal because this is the time during which Lord manifested in this form. The main part of kalabhairava puja is to chant mantra 1,25,000 times. The main mantra can be “Om Batuk Bhairvaye Namah”. Feeding dogs is very important part of Lord Kalbhairava puja.

About Lord kalabhairava worship

After puja is completed, the conclusion of puja is done with certain norms. The devotees must donate items which includes rice, sugars,pulses, milk, oil, blanket, lentils and utensils. Though Kalbhairava appears to be ferocious, he is a benign god who gets easily happy even with simple and small puja.

Which form to worship for God Bhairava

There are sixty-four forms of Kal Bhairava and all these forms are grouped under 8 categories called as Ashta Bhairavas.

Asidanga Bhairava
This is one of the most favorites form worshipped by writers, artisans and innovators. It gives immense creative capabilities to the devotees and helps to generate new ideas and creations.

Guru Bhairava
This is the divine master and the divine educator. He blesses the devotees with worldly and spiritual knowledge.

Chanda Bhairava
This is the fearful form of Lord Bhairav and he destroys evils and enemies and enhances the confidence of the devotees. He is also known to remove fears and clear the path of progress.

Kroda Bhairava
This is the angry form of Bhairava. He gives the devotees the power to accomplish massive ventures. He also gifts the devotee the power to overcome hurdles and all kinds of oppositions.

Unmatta Bhairava
This puja helps to remove all mental disorders and relieves the subjects from negativity, anxiety and depression.

Kapala Bhairava
This forms of Bhairava helps to remove actions which are unproductive and the lord gives and insight into the devotee to overcome the delays and move actions towards fulfillment.

Bhishana Bhairava
This is a powerful form of kala Bhairava. He helps to remove evil spirits and keep all negative energies away from the person. This form of Kalabhairava helps to fill positive energies around the environment.

Samhara Bhairava
Samhara Bhairava is a benevolent but a fierce form of Lord Kala Bhairava who removes all harmful old karmas and blesses the devotees with fresh energy.

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