Year 2014 – Year of No 7 Information

YEAR 2014 – YEAR OF NO 7
year 2014 is in a numerological way belongs to No 7. Number 7 is governed by the planet Neptune and posses the same qualities as of No 2 which is governed by the planet Moon. This number makes a person independent and original. Person of this number is restless and is very fond of change. Number 7 blesses a person with spiritualism and supreme consciousness. This is a spiritual number and greatest of the prophets and spiritualists may have planet Neptune dominating them. Person of number 7 has a mysterious behavior and many times they may be absentminded.

In general person of this number is different and cares very little for materialistic things. He is sensitive and has a tendency to hide feelings. His love of sea travel and interest in foreign countries can make him successful merchant/exporter/ or importer. Main health problem is weak nervous constitution.

Lucky colors- All shades of green and yellow.

YEAR 2014 – YEAR OF NO 7- Peace/ reflection / serenity / tolerance. and austerity. Lucky days- Sundays / Mondays / Wednesday and Thursday.

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