Yellow and Gold Stones

Yellow and Gold Stones

Yellow and Gold stones are unique in themselves. You would like to know what are they and how they are valuable to us. This article simply depicts the semi-precious yellow stones. There are various precious stones too which are yellow in color.

Topaz – The topaz is inspiring and gives a stimulating influence on the higher mind and soul. Its golden light reminds us of the halo around the saint’s head. It lifts above the mundane, soars up into infinity reaching toward the goal of light. Its electrifying nature magnetizes our whole being, which means that we are charged with a greater capability of awareness, keenness, clarity, concentration and creativity. The electrical charges energize and stimulate, creating voltage throughout the body. Topaz has a strong influence on the nervous system and on the solar plexus.


Amber is a light-weight gem. Its origin is organic vegetable matter that was composed of various saps. These mineralized and fossilized, sometimes retaining organic inclusions such as insects, ferns and flowers, which give positive additional energies. This wonderful uninterrupted flow of life is a proclamation of the power of nature and the force of electrical charges.

Amber’s high vibratory rate purifies and cleans the whole system. It emits magnetic flow, which balances the endocrine, and the digestive system. This helps to stabilize the spleen, the heart and the base of spine.

Sacred beads were made of amber in the Orient. They were used in meditation and contemplation to help the soul reach enlightenment, to reach the ray of sight or clairvoyance, which gives us external as well as inner vision.

Citrine Quartz

Citrine Quartz has throughout golden color. It is a direct stimulant to the mental body and aids in opening the bridge between the higher mental and intuitional levels of the mind. Most of the citrine we see today is an amethyst which has been baked, turning golden yellow. But you’ll also find natural citrine stone.

The lighter shades promote clarity of thought. They are especially beneficial to the endocrine and digestive system. The deeper, fierier shades work upon transmuting fears on an emotional level, as well as removing those thought forms from the solar plexus to unblock congestions. Citrine has the power to calm and soother disturbed and restless conditions. Its healing influence is of great value against depression and digestion problems including constipation

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