Yogas In Vedic Astrology

Yogas In Vedic Astrology

Astrologically, yogas consists of the planetary combinations and their effects on the human beings lives. The studies of Yogas are very important to know the good and the bad time in the life of a person. Planets placed in certain particular positions, which have remarkable effects on the natives, are called as the “YOGA”. Some of the special yogas that are found in Vedic astrology are:

Raja Yoga
This yoga is formed when the lords of the ninth house and the tenth house are situated in one another’s house or are in conjunction with each other.

Kesari Yoga
When the placement of Moon is in “Kendra” position to Jupiter, the effects produce Kesari Yoga and the native is blessed with an intellect and wisdom.

Lakshmi Yoga
This yoga is formed when Venus and the lords of the ninth house is situated in 5th, 9th or in apposition of “ Kendra” and at the same time his own place, “ LAKSHMI YOGA” is produced.

Bhadra Yoga
This yoga is formed when Mercury is placed in his own house, and is in the aspect of trine to the lagna, the effects are Bhadra Yoga.

Vallaki Yoga
This yoga is formed when all the seven planets occupy one house, beginning from lagna. In this the native is very talented and good in dance and music.

Dhama Yoga
When all the seven planets are present consecutively from lagna , Dhama Yoga is formed. It makes a person philosophic and philanthropic minded person.

Chamara Yoga
The position of beneficial planet in the lagna, which is well aspected, and the lord of the lagna is also well aspected, then chamara yoga is formed.

Rajju Yoga
When all the planets present in the horoscope is in the movable sign, Rajju Yoga is formed. It makes a person famous and enjoys a good fortune.

Ruchaka Yoga
When Mars is present in his own place and in the aspect of trine to the lagna, the native have Ruchaka Yoga. It gives a person wealth, fame and victory.

Saraswathi Yoga
The presence of Venus, Jupiter and Mercury in the position of Kendra or trikona or present in the 2nd house while Jupiter is in its own house, then “ Saraswathi Yoga” is formed.

Sasaka Yoga
The presence of Jupiter in his own house and is in the aspect of trine to the lagna, Sasaka Yoga is formed. It blesses a person with health, wealth and good fortune.

Malava Yoga
The position of Venus in his own house and in the trine to the lagna, then Malava yoga is formed. This yoga is very good for the native and blesses a person with a large family, servants, and keen intellect.

Khemudra Yoga
When there is no benevolent planet in or on either side of the lagna, or in the Moon’s place, or in their Kendra’s, then this yoga is formed. The native will live in poverty, though born rich and will lead to an undesirable type of life.

Please note, this is a general brief description of Yoga and their effects on the person, the detailed analysis of a complete horoscope can be judged better by the thorough analysis of horoscope, the position of benefic and the malefic planets and the aspect and transition of the planets during the major and minor periods and the sub-periods.

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