zambian emerald vs colombian emerald stone

Zambian Emerald v/s Colombian Emerald

Zambian Emerald v/s Colombian Emerald – Which one is better?
Zambian emerald works better or Colombian emerald, this is a question that is still a mystery like an untold story. We decide the things that we do not like to avoid our negative feelings. The fact proves itself that both emeralds posses same gemological properties and gives the greatest benefit to the wearer.
Zambian emerald comes from Zambia located in Southern Africa. Large-scale mining emerald began in Zambia around 1976. The color of the Zambian emerald is light green to dark green in color. It belongs to the most precious group of beryl, taken from the Greek word ‘esmeralde’, meaning green stone.
Almost all natural Zambian and Colombian emerald have distinct characteristics inclusions. Fake emeralds are treated with oil and resins that fill the fissures and tiny cracks in the gemstone. An artificial exposes and amplify inclusions present in the artificial green gemstone. Colombia is the international center of emerald mining and the precious emeralds come from Colombia and are rarely found.
The best emerald, the benchmark and the most astonishing Emerald in the terms of beauty and investment is Colombian emerald. It is the most expensive and with a very high demand in the market. It posses a great aura. Colombian emerald and Zambian emerald, both if used as a gemstone ring and pendant can be highly beneficial to the wearer.

Emerald Astrology
Emerald – Zambian emerald and Colombian emerald denotes planet Mercury, the planet of wisdom and intelligence. It is very useful for increasing the benefic effect of Mercury. It is the birthstone for Gemini and Virgo ascendant. A person who is in the profession of teaching and education can do very well by wearing emerald pendant or emerald finger ring.

Zambian and Colombian emerald are worn in the ring finger of right hand or little finger. It should be worn after proper mantra recitation on Wednesday.



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