Zircon ircon occurs in a wide range of colors, but for many years the most popular was the colourless variety, which looks more like a diamond than any other natural stone because of its brilliance and dispersion. Zircon looks like diamond and shines more than it. But unlike diamond, it shines only for a flash of a second, after which it looks dull and pale.

The name probably comes from the Persian word ‘zargun’ which means “gold-colored,” although zircon comes in a wide range of different colours. Widely used in astrology as a substitute of Diamond.

Zircon is said to enhance beauty and attractiveness of a person. It gives popularity in social circles and appreciation by members of the opposite gender. It improves prestige and protects from jealousies and rivalries. In the middle ages, Zircon was said to aid sleep, bring prosperity, and promote honor and wisdom in its owner.

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