12 Ways to Please Saturn

12 Ways to Please Saturn

12 ways to to please Saturn (Lord Shani)

1. Chant Saturn Mantras – Mantras creates vibrations in the spirit. They influence the method and the mode of working in mystery. Mantras help to free you from your worries.

The Main Shani Mantra according to Ved Vyas (Navagraha Stotram) – Om Nilaanjana-Samabhasam Ravi Putram Yamagrajam Chayya-Martanda- Sambhutam Tam Namami Shanaishvaram

Enchant this Shani Tantric Mantra – Om Praam Preem Praom Saha Shanayshchraey Namah

2. Donation – It is essential to pay your karmic debt without any expectation. Saturn is the Lord of the Karma and by lovingly donating to those in need you can pay your karmic debts!

According to Hindu Proverb
Living creatures get influenced through dānam,
Enemies lose hostility through dānam,
A stranger may become a loved one through dānam,
Vices are killed by dānam.

3. Karma Yoga (Service) – Saturn needs service and he represents servants and people who do hard work.

4. Worship the Kalabhairav form of Lord Shiva – Lord of Time is “Kaalbhairava”. Bhairava means he who nourishes and who creates fullness. He fills our gap in the life. The mind becomes completed and awake and in the present moment. In this state, the mind has the capacity to turn inward, becomes peaceful and surrenders.

6. Worship the Peepal tree – Peepal tree is called as ‘Ashvatta’- the shade that is pure and provides for the divine horse. In Tamil culture it is also known as ‘Arasa Maram’- the king of trees. Bhagvad Gita called this as the manifestation of Krishna.

7. Walk barefoot on Grass on Saturdays – Sometimes a weakness has also the beauty, Life is not only a question of strength. In the storm, big trees falls, sometimes bend and when the storm goes by, they again smile and flower. In fact, they are freshened by the storm and they become more alive, younger and fresher.

One of the things that Saturn is trying to teach us is to be humble! Try to have a pleasant walk on the grass on Saturday to get the blessings of Saturn. Feet represents the 12th house of loss, so walking on the same absorbs the loss and teaches you to be humble.

8. Perform Yagyas or Rituals –Yagya means ‘sacrifice and worship’ and in Hinduism it is referred as any ritual done in front of sacred fires with mantra. There are various types of yagya but one of the most important is the ‘navgraha yagya’ that can be done to please all planets and are performed by priest.

9. Worship Lord Hanuman – Hanuman is the only deity who helps people to get rid of the punishment of Lord Saturn. Praying Lord Hanuman with devotion and complete surrender to Him, helps to imbibe qualities. It helps one to attain positive energy of Saturn.

10. Bring Discipline into your life – Try to be disciplined and make a to-do list. Have a proper plan and restructure your life.

11. Feed people on Saturdays – “To share food is the highest Karma”- Bhagvad Gita. This means, volunteering time and preparing meals that can be shared with those in need in temples in India and around the world.

12. Simplify your life and remove clutter – Remove clutter from your home that is no longer needed. Remove clutter from your mind. Remove clutter from your life by staying away from relationships that no longer serve growth.

To know more about how Saturn is affecting your life and to find out about the karmic lessons it is trying to teach you, get consultation from Astrologer Prashant Kapoor.



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