3 Days Lakshmi Puja on Diwali - Its Importance

3 Days Lakshmi Puja on Diwali – Its Importance

Diwali is one of the most auspicious festivals in Hinduism and is celebrated with charm and grandeur in the country. It is the Puja that is followed by all and by being one of an important festival, the religious ceremonies pan across three days. In 2017, Diwali festivities begin with Dhanteras on 17th Oct, followed by Narak Chaturdasi on 18th October and Diwali on 19th October 2017.

Diwali Pooja consists of five Lords – The Ganesha is worshipped with Lakshmi in two and Maa Laskhmi is worshipped in three forms – Mahalakshmi – the goddess of wealth, happiness and prosperity. Mahasarswati – goddess of knowledge and Mahakali – protector and remover of evil and eventually, Lord Kuber – the treasurer of all gods.

Lakshmi Kuber Group Puja on Dhanteras – day 1 of Diwali Puja rituals, i.e. 17th October 2017
On the very first day of Diwali – Dhanteras Lord Dhanvantari is worshipped who is also the physician among Gods and an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Lakshmi is also worshipped on this day as ‘Dhan’ means wealth, money and prosperity. This day is also known as Yamadeepdaan, i.e. lamps are lit throughout the night in reverence to Lord Yama. – God of death.

Benefits of Kuber Puja on Dhanteras
It is very beneficial for all finance related problems, hurdles and obstacles in finances and business. Kuber Yantra is one of the most powerful and ancient yantra in nature. By worshipping this Yantra on Dhanteras, one can get divine blessings of energy, skill and sincerity. All obstacles from life can be eradicated by worshipping Kuber Yantra.

The benefits of Kubera puja are as follows:
Victory in legal battles
Faster recovery of debts
Good family life
Removal of evil curse
Expansion in business
Increase in bank balance
Abundant prosperity and wealth
Expansion in business

Narak Chaturdashi Diwali or Kali Chaudas – Day 2 of Diwali rituals 18th October 2017
Celebrated on the 14th day of Krishna Paksha, i.e. the dark half of the Kartik month as per the Hindu Lunar calendar, this day is also known as Kali Chaudas. As the name, Kali means dark or evil and Chaudas mean fourteen. Maa Mahakali is worshipped to seek protection from evil, negativity and chronic diseases. It also protects one from emotional imbalance, physical and emotional turmoil and dangers.

The benefits are protected from:
Evil spirits
Black magic
Protection from Death

Diwali Lakshmi Ganesh Group Puja – Day 3 of Diwali Rituals – 19th October 2017
It is a combination of two words – Deepa which menas light and avli-which means rwo. This festivals marks the victory of good over the evil. Most important it means, ‘rising awareness of inner consciousness’.
This festival is celebrated to invoke happiness, wisdom, prosperity. Lord Gansha and Maa Lakshmi are worshipped on this day. This is because Lord Lakshmi denotes wealth and wisdom. Lord Ganesha denotes happiness and wisdom.

Benefits of Laxmi Ganesh puja are as follows:
Seeking happiness
Expansion of business
Inviting prosperity and good luck
Overall protection from poverty and debts
Boosting bank balance
Happy marital life
Removing hurdles from life and academic
Being successful in all spheres of life
Achieving goals of life



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