5 Steps of Absorbing Mantra

5 Steps of Absorbing Mantra

5 Steps of Absorbing Mantra
Mantras are one of the most sought and best remedy for any astrological problem. It helps to remove the negative impact of cosmic changes and planetary disposition. In the word “Mantra”, Man means mind and try means protection, so mantra is nothing but the divine armor.

Mantra can be absorbed in five stages

1. Likhtia Mantra or Japa
It is the written version of the mantra repetition. If done with faith and devotion, it can facilitate a deep connection with the mantra. This can be started by keeping a notebook just for mantras that you want to chant and write it down every day. You will realize that it is a meditative experience! This is because the thoughts are translated into actions.

2. Vaikhari
It is the oral form of mantra and orally repeated. The Sanskrit letters are said loud that creates a profound energy field around the human body along with the vibration of your chant.

3. Upamshu
Reciting mantra in whisper is called as upamshu. Start mantra chanting orally, and then follow it uo with whispers, so our own eras can listen it and our brains can register it.

4. Manasa
It is the mental repetition of mantra but without sound. This is one of the most powerful and when it is practiced, you will notice how breath becomes subtle and aligns to the vibration of the mantra.

5. Ajapa
This is the constant awareness and it’s vibration is called as Ajapa. Further, as this practice is evolved, there comes a pervasive awareness of the mantra, subtler than both the syllables and any surface level meaning or definition. This constant awareness is Ajapa-Japa of the mantra.



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