About Shattuckite

About Shattuckite

Shattuckite Information
Shattuckite is a semi-precious gemstone which is found in the United States. It is dark and light blue in color. Shattuckite surface is often mottled, small and tumbled. Shattuckite is a highly spiritual gemstone. It helps to bring clear psychic vision. It helps in understanding communication between the two people.

Shattuckite Metaphysical Properties
Shattuckite removes hypnotic command. It can clear past life curses and helps to command to secrecy. It is helpful in channelling. It is a strongly protective stone, and it ensures that an entity doesn’t take over the physical body. It helps to reach high spiritual vibration. It is highly connected to telepathy. Shattuckite facilitates clear communication.
Shattuckite supports leadership qualities. It is an excellent stone for a secure and balanced life. It is an excellent stone for the immune system.

Shattuckite is beneficial for all minor health complaints. It can be used as a general tonic. This stone treats tonsillitis and helps to increase clotting power of blood. Shattuckite clears blockage from intercellular structures.

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