Amazonite Information

Amazonite Information

Amazonite is a semiprecious gemstone which is green in color. Amazonite is also called as Amazon stone. It belongs to the category of the feldspar group of minerals. Feldspar is homogeneous rocks, which are formed by tectosilicates Feldspar is the most common mineral in the entire world. This is named after South-America’s Amazon River.
Amazonite is light green in color with a little bluish hue. Its soft and attractive color resembles nephrite and jadeite. It has an appearance which is grid-like, mottled green and white. Amazonite has a faint sheen which adds to its unique appearance

Amazonite Origin and Sources
Amazonite is found in few locations. It is found mainly in USA, Australia, Madagascar, Mozambique, and India.

Amazonite Identification
Amazonite can be identified in a number of ways, but it is commonly confused with other similar gemstones. Test for refractive index and density is the most common and effective method to identify Amazonite.

Metaphysical Properties
Amazonite has a powerful filtering action. It blocks Geopathic stress. This is an extremely soothing stone. It balances the brain. It is an excellent nerve healer. It is a stone, which helps you to see both sides of the problems. At an emotional level, it overcomes emotional trauma. It removes worry and fear. At a mental level, it clarifies the information.

Amazonite heals and opens both the heart and the throat chakra. It removes negative energy and blockages. Amazonite also opens the third eye and intuition. It is extremely beneficial in osteoporosis. It cures tooth decay and gum problems. Amazonite also cures muscle spasm.



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