Apatite Gemstone Information

Apatite Gemstone Information

Apatite is a semiprecious stone of spiritual attainment. Apatite is found throughout the world. It is the main constituent of bones and teeth. It is found in yellow, green, blue, white, purple-brown, red-brown, and violet in color. Apatite is opaque in appearance, but sometimes it appears transparent, and glassy. It is found as a hexagonal crystal.
Apatite has inspirational properties. It is a stone of manifestation and it promotes humanitarian attitude. This stone is attuned to the future, yet it connects past life also. Apatite has a remarkable capacity to develop psychic gifts.

Apatite Source
Apatite, which is blue in color is readily available, but yellow color is very rare to find. It’s large deposit has been found in Mexico, Norway, Russia, and the United States.

Apatite Gemstone Properties | Gems Therapy
Apatite removes negativity and creates positive vibes in your environment. It improves self expression and communication at all levels. Psychologically, Apatite is very helpful to increase motivational levels at all levels. It builds energy and dissolves aloofness and alienation. It stimulates creativity and intellect. It clears confusion and helps you to access information at all levels.
Apatite expands knowledge and brings up the hidden truth. It reduces irritability and overcome emotional disturbances. It also clears frustration and increases passion.

Apatite heals bones, teeth and motor skills. It encourages the formation of new cells. It helps in the absorption of calcium in the body. This stone cures glands, meridians and endocrine glands. It balances emotional, physical, mental and spiritual balance. Apatite suppresses hunger and raises the metabolic rate.

Apatite Position
Apatite is widely used in jewelry making. It is used in pendant, earrings and bracelets. It can be worn around neck to attract positive vibes from the environment. It releases energy in the base chakra.

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