How to appease planet Mercury

How To Appease Planet Mercury

Mercury is the planet of wisdom and intelligence. It gives one a wide array of thoughts and good knowledge. It is essential to know how to honor Mercury so that it can bestow you with wisdom and knowledge.

1. Every hour in a day is ruled by a planet and it is called “hora” which means “hour”. Try to meditate or chant the mantra of Mercury during the “mercury” hora.

2. Listening to Vishnu Sahasranama on Wednesdays can please Lord Vishnu connected to Mercury.

3. Camphor is also related to mercury. Try to lighten camphor to imbibe positive qualities of Mercury.

4. Brush your teeth for maintaining a good dental hygiene

5. Bhrami – An Ayurvedic herb is good for activating the positive vibrations of Mercury.

6. Walking is another way to honor Mercury. Try to do long walk.

7. Honor the tulsi plant. Tulsi is known for healing and it is favorite plant of Lord Vishnu.

8. Donate books and old stationary to people who cannot afford it.

9. Do not judge others.

10. Chant Aum Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya.



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