Kurma Avatar of Lord Vishnu

Kurma Avatar of Lord Vishnu

Kurma (Tortoise) – Avatar of Lord Vishnu & Saturn
Lord Vishnu is the creator of all forms of life. The Kurma Avatar, also called as second avatar of Lord Vishnu. The word Kurma means Tortoise belonging to symbol of perseverance.

Why did Lord Vishnu incarnate as Kurma (Tortoise) ?
There was rivalry between Devas and Asuras which was getting worse. Sage Durvasa gave a garland to Deva King Indra but Indra disrespected him and put the garland on his elephant Airavarta. When the sage saw this he cursed Indra. This curse hurt the Devas camp and made them weak.

Indra went to Brahma for help, but he told him him to pray to Lord Vishnu!

Lord Vishnu gave a solution to Indra! He asked him to churn the ocean for the Nectar of Immortality (Amrit) – and said thus “You need to drink the Amrit which is the only solution for you to be stronger and survive from the surse of sage Durvasa and fight against Asuras.

Indra was confused about the task given to him as how he is going to get this difficult task to be accomplished! Lord Vishnu asks Indra to get help of the Asuras for this and promise them the Amrit in return for the favor.

Lord Indra accepted Lord Vishnu’s advice and convinced the Asuras!

The Kurma Avatar of Lord Vishnu is associated with the planet Saturn!

What is the significance of Kurma Avatar?
Kurma Avatar denotes stability which is an important aspect of Saturn and being stable despite temporary setbacks is a Saturn quality!

Most of the avatars of Lord Vishnu is in the fighting against evil but in HIS Kurma avatar, the main purpose is to provide support and help. This is another best quality of Saturn and it try to teach us that being in service, servicing the less fortunate is one of the best remedies for Saturn.

When we get in danger, Tortoise withdraws itself into its shell, this is nothing but the concept of mediation. When we have may problem to face in the outer world we can gain the much required strength by connecting with our own inner self. Meditation is a way for withdrawing from the outer world and finding peace from our inner being. Hence meditation is the ability to withdraw from our senses and is great remedy for Saturn! They have long life span, slow movement and sturdiness, they are an emblem of longevity and stability. In many cultures, they are considered the symbol of longevity. According to astrological science, Saturn is the significator of Longevity. Saturn is also a slow moving planet and hence associated with delays of all sorts.
But we all know the story – “Slow and steady wins the race”.

The tortoise makes his home as per his wish and stop and rest.
Tortoise is at peace, content about his journey and the quality of dispassion is connected to Saturn. We bear harsh lessons of Saturn only until we learn to dispassionate and turn inward!




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