Astrology and weather forecast

Astrology and Weather Forecasting

According to the theory of astrology as mentioned by ancient sages, all phenomenon including rainfall, floods, etc., are regulated by planetary movements. Of late some of the scientists have been indirectly endorsed astrological theories. Astrology and Weather Forecasting plays an important role in the same. For instance in 1962 Glen W.Brier of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced the discovery of a remarkable correlation between the phase of the Moon and rainfall in U.S.A. Similar results were arrived at independently by E.E.Adderley of the Radio-physics Division of CSIRO in Australia. When precipitation data were plotted in terms of the Moon’s phases, it was found that heavy rain occurred most frequently about four days after full Moon and reached a secondary peak about 4 days after new Moon. In other words the greatest amount of rain fell when the Moon was either 45 degree or 225 degree from the Sun. These findings were based on the study of data taken from U.S. Weather Bureau precipitation statistics covering the period 1900-1949 and the dates of maximum rainfall for each calendar month.

The science of weather forecasting developed by the sages explains the cause as well as the effects of atmospheric changes through repeated occurrence of planetary positions. Exhaustive rules for forecasting weather have been in ancient books, but we shall give here only a few of them. Astrology and Weather Forecasting.

The positions of planets in the north of the celestial equator are said to have a definite influence on the movements of the pressure-systems for periods of whole seasons. It must always be understood that there is a “human element” that gives the wrong results and that it is not the fault of nature.

It has been found that when Jupiter is in perihelion there is great drought and when in aphelion more dampness and cold weather than usual. When a planet enters Cancer it will influence more the weather in the northern hemisphere while the southern hemisphere is more influenced when the sign is Capricorn. The season, time of the month, day, etc., should all be considered before a forecast is made.

As for the analysis, when the sun and moon are in neutral asterisms there will be winds; when they are in feminine asterisms there will be lightning and phosphorescence; and when the sun masculine asterism or vice-versa there will be rain.

When the Sun occupies as earthy sign and the Moon, Mercury and Venus occupy watery signs, and at that time if a rainbow is seen in the western side, then also there will be plentiful rains.



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