Benefits and Healing Properties of Iolite

Benefits and Healing Properties of Iolite

Iolite/Neeli is a vision stone. It activates the third eye* and facilitates visualization and intuition. It stimulates connection to inner knowledge of the person. It is used in shamanic ceremonies and assists in journeys out of the body in contact with the auric filed. It is an excellent energy shield and it blocks out negative energy. Iolite –Neeli is a very positive stone. It overcomes inertia and feelings of inadequacy. It is a stone which facilitates tapping into abilities and potential.

Psychologically, it aids in understanding and releasing the causes of addiction and helps you to express your true self. It clears the negative thoughts and increases self confidence and self-esteem of a person. Emotionally, this stone removes difference within any relationships. It encourages taking responsibility for yourself.

Physically, it creates a strong constitution. It reduces fatty deposits in the body and removes the effect of alcohol, and supports detoxification. It cures the ailments of liver. This stone treats malaria and fevers, aids migraine headaches. It also kills bacteria.

Iolite Treatment
There is no specific treatment of Iolite is available for color enhancement, although synthetic cordierite is available for ceramics and other industrial purpose.

Iolite cut and shape
Iolite is cut to enhance color and shape. Fine gem appears transparent and translucent in appearance. Some stone have visible inclusions, especially in larger stones. The most common shape in which this gem is found is oval, pear and round shape. Fancy cut stones are used in jewelry making – rings, pendants, necklace and bracelets. It is also used in cuffs and hair pins.

Price of Iolite Gemstone
The price of neeli depends on the cut, color and clarity of the gemstone. If you’re looking for a fine neeli gemstone then you may visit e store of astrokapoor. We’re the leaders in the gemstone industry and all our gems are certified by a reputed gem lab because there are many gemstone sellers who sells fake gemstones in the name of original neeli stone. We have natural, certified and best quality neeli. All our gemstones are available in a wholesale price.

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