Best benefit of amethyst gemstone

Best Benefits of Amethyst Gemstone

Amethyst Gemstone and its properties.
Amethyst is found in Royal violet color and belongs to the Quartz family and also called as Amethyst Gemstone. It is primarily composed of Silicon Dioxide and has the trigonal and hexagonal crystal structure. It has a refractive index of 1.555-1.556 and a specific gravity of 2.64. It has a bluish fluorescence.

Names of Amethyst Gemstone
The Amethyst is also known as Katella or Jamunia gemstone in Hindi and the word is derived from the Greek word amethysts that means”Not Drunk”.

Astrological benefits of Amethyst Gemstone
1) It has a remarkable property of removing the alcohol addiction.
2) It is regarded as the superior alternative gemstone for Blue Sapphire as mentioned in the sacred text.
3) This gemstone helps in meditating and enhancing the meditative quality of a person. It directly impacts the crown chakra of the body and has astrological properties of Saturn.
4) It is helpful to strengthen the meditative power of a person.
5) In China, amethyst is used for curing stomach pain.
6) This overcomes an inferiority complex.
7) This gemstone has tremendous spiritual value and helps to balance the chakras and also awakens the Kundalini.
8) This is the February birthstone according to Astrology and is used in healing and breaking the long-standing negative life patterns.

Amethyst Gemstone Colour
The best color for Amethyst Gemstone is a distinct extravagant purple/mauve color that exhibits flashes of red and blue shade. This shade is sometimes referred as Siberian Deep Purple. It is also found in other shades of purple, mauve, and violet.
Astrokapoor has the best lot of Amethyst Gemstone. Has the best Siberian Deep Purple color that is at the top of the Gemstone Pyramid. The color is found evenly distributed and not concentrated in one zone. We have all natural untreated Amethyst from Zambia. It is cur from our own roughs so guaranteed in quality.

While picking gems for planetary use, Astrokapoor makes sure that the gems are of top quality and displays enviable clarity and great luster. We don’t do any compromise in quality rather. We have top quality Amethyst mined directly from natural mines. We have gemstones that are lab certified and all our gemstones are certified by a reputed gem lab. The price of Amethyst depends on the cut, clarity and the color of the stone. The best quality gemstone fetches more price than normal quality gemstone and may costs between INR 2000 to INR 5000 per carat. We have the whole lot of natural certified Amethyst Gemstone.

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